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Jav Marlo / 31 May 3305


30 MAY 3305 Somewhere in the Silentium Region.

This is commander Jav Marlo, recording this log on board the Hyperion heading towards system Hyiechou AI-J b36-0, also known as Sishypho’s Rock.

The Hyperion in the Silentium region flying towards Hyiechou AI-J b36-0 (Sishypho’s Rock)

I am feeling a little bit better. Arriving to Voyager’s Reach boosted my moral and I think I might have overcome space madness, at least for a while. My Whitchspace dreams are still recurrent though, and I am still tens of thousands of light years away from the core regions, so I have to figure out something to keep my mind occupied. It occurs to me that maybe I have been so focused on arriving to Beagle Point and exploration that I have loosen my ties with civilization. Old, evil, harsh, violent and corrupt civilization. Home.

It has been weeks since the last time I paid attention to the news. It is like if I have lost my interest in the issues of men. Maybe it is time to reconnect. With everything that is happening in the Bubble, the war with the Thargoids and all the power struggles, I should catch up with the recent events now that I am coming back There was a time when GalNet, the Pilots Federation data network and source of its power, was only accessible from space stations. But since a year or so they have been able to create a news bulletin accessible from starships. It always has helped me focus to record these logs so, let’s see what is going on.

Jav Marlo on board the Hyperion somewhere in the Silentium region

I wonder what happened with Nova Imperium. Curious, the politics section does not open with conflicts within the Empire, nor the Federation, but with the rivalry between Prime Minister Edmun Mahon and President Gibson Kincaid of the Alliance. It seems an impeachment procedure is on its way. The democratic way of solving a dispute.  Admiral Denton Patreus of the Empire has his ways too to solve these matters but, perhaps, they are a little bit more expeditious.

Some technician was able to stole a starship from a starport in the Vega system. That is impossible. I do not believe this. There must be something more.

There is a rush for Guardian commodities. That is something a I have pending. I need to get my hands on some Guardian technology an enhance the jump range of my ship.

The Thargoids are still assaulting the core systems but they are not targeting the most important social or military centres. The main resistance against them is being held by the independent pilots, not by the superpowers. And within the mayhem, local conflicts still erupt and the local factions fight for influence in their tiny systems in this cutthroat galaxy, as it always has been.

Enough of the official reports. Let’s see if I can find something juicier on the independent bulletins. Wait. Here is something interesting. War in Terra Mater, an article in Sagittarius Eye Breaking News. Terra Mater, that is where they grow the plants from where they extract the Blood Bores, the drug. I have never tried them, but they say it is a potent physical stimulant with some uncomfortable side effects that, despite them, they are very popular among mercenaries and bounty hunters. That reminds me that I should have brought some performance enhancers for this stage of the trip. Damn! I thought about coffe, food cartridges and even bought some survival equipment, the Lavian Brandy does not count, but I did not think about stimulants.

I remember the Blood Bores were very popular among hand to hand combat practitioners from my times as a martial artist, and that even blood checks at competitions were common, for the shake of fair play. Later, they became even more demanded when the trade contracted as a result of the system becoming permit locked. That rose the price of the Blood Bores in the systems where they were legal, and even more in the black market. The Blood Bores are nurtured by the anarchists of the Brotherhood of Terra Mater, who recently had been challenged by the theocrats of the Sacra Oculus who intend to use the Blood Bores to create a breed of super soldiers against the Thargoids. A sensible plan! We do not even know how the Thargoids look like and they are thinking on going hand to hand combat with them. Anyhow, it was just a matter of time that they attract the interest of a bigger power, and it was Pranav Antal and his Utopians who tried to get control of the system, causing a war in the process. It seems that Pranav Antal’s ambitions are beyond the control of the monopoly of nanomedicines, and that they want to control the Blood Bores too.

Odds were against the Brotherhood of Terra Mater, harassed by a much bigger power but, in a dramatic turn of events, several mercenary groups came to the rescue of the brotherhood. Among them, the article highlights the performance of the Blackguard Dragoons. Catchy name! These ones claim that they were not enlisted by the brotherhood and that they simply “liked the cause”. I do not buy it. There must be something else. Anyhow, it seems that thanks to the efforts of these mercs with a golden heart, the permit access to the system remains controlled by the brotherhood and Blood Bores remain legal and available at GR8Minds, Terra Mater’s principle station.

Let’s see if I can find more info on these Blackguard Dragoons. That information could be useful. Someday I could have a problem which with no one else can help me, and I could be able to find them and maybe hire them. Here they are, the Blackguard Dragoons announcement at the Inara database, resolving situations since 3304. An independent mercenary faction, with no ties to any of the superpowers, that takes on contracts to bring about the changes that their clients wish to see. It seems that they act on their own agenda too. Their cause is the spread of true personal liberty and freedom. The good Samaritans. A leopard can't change its spots. Perhaps there are some personal files.

Hey wait! What do we have here?

I have just found another Earth-like planet. System Blie Chrea QO-X C28-1 for the record. Let’s take a closer look. What was I doing, by the way? Here. Inara database. Known members of the Blackguard Dragoons. Personal files. The Squadron Commander is Stryker Aune. And there are pictures. Amazing! I do not know how this guy can fit into the command chair of his ship. Does Remlok do suits that size? The only word that comes to mind to describe him is massive. He is bigger than the planet in front of me.  

Blie Chrea QO-X C28-1 1, an Earth-like world in the Silentium region

This guy must be the most dedicated bodybuilder in the galaxy. Not someone you want to cross in a dark alley. I am wondering what a man like him may want to do with the Blood Bores. He is clearly in no need of more physical strength. Wait! Is that a prosthetic arm? It looks like a cybernetic claw. It seems that he has quite a curriculum. There are many files about him in the database. Not so much about his partners though. Maybe I have found some reading material for the trip back home.

Great. Two neutron stars in a row. At last. I am arriving to system Hyiechou AI-J b36-0. Sishypho’s Rock. From there just fifty thousand more light years to the Bubble.

All this reading on wars, mercenaries and drugs has made me reflex. Here, surrounded by the solitude and the silence it is easy to lose perspective. This is a huge galaxy, full of wonders that we are barely starting to discover. But in our little corner, the Bubble, the law of the strongest prevail, as it always has been in the dominions of men. I may be an accomplished explorer now. But the Bubble is a dangerous place, and now is even more dangerous than when I left it months ago. I know how to run, but if want to discover what happened to my father, running may not be enough. Now we have to add the Thargoids to the political struggle, the conspiracies and the pirates. More wars and conflicts are arising. This expedition has opened my mind, filled my pockets but weakened my body. There is a lot to do. I must get fit again. I must use my new wealth to buy and build a proper combat ship. I must tune my flying abilities. If I want to survive back at home, I must get ready for war.  Let’s get to it.

Jav Marlo signing out.

The Hyperion heading back home
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