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Kissamies / 01 Jun 3305
Away, Santy Anno

On our brief stop at Colonia, the Ultima IV was completely overhauled, her performance even improved slightly. Now I've been heading back to the Bubble by somewhat zigzagging route because there are some sites on both Inner Scutum-Centaurus Arm and Inner Orion Spur I wish to see, like the Cat's Perch Nebula. I stopped briefly by 2 of the 3 earthlikes on Colonia Connection with the names from Hindu mythology. I think I'll skip Rohini because I've been there before. I docked on outposts instead of stations to keep my crew out of mischief, and this seems to have frustrated them.

The morale is deteriorating. The brief R&R at Colonia clearly wasn't enough after the month long expedition to the other side of the galaxy. Apparently the technicians at Hipparque taught my engineer some sea shanties. More accurately, he learned one sea shanty, just one, that he started singing all the time in the engine room when he thought we couldn't hear him. He stopped for a while when we told him, but eventually he got bored enough not to care. The technician, always eager to cause trouble, started to join in when he realised how much it annoys us. That man has no singing voice at all. The co-pilot has threatened to rip up some cockpit wiring and strangle them the next time someone tells her that "Mexico is a place he knows", and the wires in this cockpit are neatly tucked away! With both the engineer and the technician dead, I doubt we could put them back so nicely again.

It is quite unusual to have a rift like this between cockpit and belowdecks personnel on a crew this small. I think once we get home to Yimakuapa, I must give them at least a week of paid leave and tell the pencil pushers to make sure that any of them don't get assigned to the same ship for a while. Also, I'll cut down the detours and make my customary Cat's Paw Nebula pass one economical route through the sector only. Honestly, it's starting to get to me too. Better get back soon before the void sickness takes me. It'd be ironic to survive the trip to Beagle's Point and then fail on the way back to Bubble.
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