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Korzhakov / 02 Jun 3305
Happy Wife, Happy Life

When we decided to move to the Colonia region, I was just passing thru the area and made a few stops to find a place that was going to be suitable to resettle the wife and I into.

I chose Mizuno Dock in Asura and bought a luxury apartment there that suited our needs. It's a quick commute for Tracie over to Jaques where she is refitting their internal network, and close to the core for explorers like me.

But I wasn't there for long and was off back to the bubble to prep for Distant Worlds 2. Tracie made the journey to Asura and began making the new place our home.

I return 7 months later and the station is not what I thought it to be. It is in disrepair on the flight and hangar levels and the industrial manufacturing industry there makes being up on those levels not a pleasant thing.

Since she has had 7 months out here to be thinking about it, she decided she didn't want to live at Mizuno Dock anymore and has been touring all of the stations in the area to see where she wants to live.

By time I arrived home she had narrowed it down to two stations and one planetary port. So today we hoped a shuttle and toured the stations. I really liked Whirling Station, which is also controlled by the GalCop of which my wing is part of, but the lack of storage options and a shipyard made it a non starter.

We headed over to Bolden's Enterprise in TIR and as all of the high tech stations, it is beautiful, alive and very well maintained. It has vibrant feel and social scene and it's everything Tracie has to have. We tour a few available units and find one that fits us perfectly! It's bigger than our last two places by about 2000 sq. ft and has every amenity we could ever want. I guess being billionaires has it's advantages. We transfer the credits and sign the paperwork, the new place is ours.

We walk around the station for another hour and have lunch at a nice place with our grandson Silas. We hop a shuttle back to Mizuno and arrange for our clothes and other personal items to be transported to the new home. Since the new place came furnished by a well respected designer, we will leave the furniture that's here to the new owners when this place is sold.

I check with the dock to see how the refit on the Karelian Dawn is going and I am told all systems checked out just fine, a few bushings and dampeners had to be replaced but that's expected after a 75,000 ly journey. The Savitskaya had the modules I requested place in her overnight and she is ready to go. So I arrange for the Dawn to be moved to TIR once the work is finished and the family and I jump in the ASP X and make the single jump to Bolden's Enterprise.

We unpack the luggage that we brought with us and settle in, the rest of our items will be here later this afternoon.

The wife smiles, and sighs, I know we made the right decision, and since she is happy, I am happy. Now to head over the park and take the grandboy fishing..
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