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Badpenny Belle / 03 Jun 3305
Coming up Princess (or) Space Amoeba are cute (and somewhat terrifying)

Personal Log 06/03/3305

So, I ended up taking the plunge. When I did a cost/benefit analysis of being a princess, versus not being a princess, everything seemed to be coming up Princess. My adoptive parents are Emma and Riker Baddum. Which I guess makes my new name Belle Baddum. And, yes, that was definitely one of the few items on the 'negatives' side of the list.

The Baddums are pledged to the Empress Arissa, and by extension that brings me into her circle as well. Aisling's administration was quite understanding and supportive, even giving me the chance to purchase some of their proprietary Prismatic Shield technology as a going away present.  I may have over-indulged a bit, but I had that billion credits from Robigo still burning a hole through my pocket, and it was the opportunity of a lifetime, after all.

All in all, my heart is bittersweet about the ending of an era. Shooting down the Xeno scouts wasn't doing much to salve my melancholia, so yesterday afternoon I found myself picking a star and flying off into the darkness.

I ran into a few nebulae while I was wandering around, which were very beautiful. There is nothing quite like flying through a sea of red mist, where once a dark backdrop of stars did hang. I was hardly the first on that pilgrimage though, I found, and didn't pause long for mapping any of the drifting planets or moons while I was passing through.

I did find some organic space-life in one of my discovered systems. The crystals I had seen before on the network but were still impressive simply for their scale and beauty. There was some space amoeba though that I thought were endlessly cute flying around between the crystals. Cute, that is until they started chasing me like forlorn puppies when I stopped to scan the creatures. I regret not stopping to take any photographic samples of the amoeba themselves, but I was far too startled trying to get away from the silly things after they started heeling my little ship.

All in all, the experience left me feeling a lot better about my choices and future. And when I did finally stop to figure out where I actually was, it turns out I wandered about a third of the way to Colonia. I'm tempted to finish the trip and talk to the Engineers I hear are out there, at the very least, but I promised the Hutton Truckers I would help them with their Disco Party this coming Saturday and I'm not sure I'll have time to fly the rest of the way back and pick up enough Xeno links to be of use to them if I do.

I'll play it by ear from here, I think. I'm enjoying the dark far more than I have on previous trips, and I find that, with my to-do list mostly resolved, I have far less desire to be in the bubble during the coming days.

Commander Belle out.
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