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Scubadog / 04 Jun 3305
A Quick Cradle of Life Tour and Painful Engineering

So, after a little over a week of grinding to engineer my new Clipper and Courier, I finished the housecleaning of my ships in the core systems.  The Ceti Draco is pretty much AX-ready (anti-xeno) at this point, so I just need to wait for the big bughunt The Silverbacks have scheduled.

What a friggin' pain!  I'm really spoiled in Colonia.  All four engineers are within a couple of jumps of each other.  It's bad enough the grind for the specific materials--especially the Grace 5 types--will nearly drive you suicidal.  The fact that you have to go SO far for so many of the engineers is positively infuriating!  You can imagine flying completely off the handle when you are that close to finishing a grade 5 engineering of a module when you run out of a high grade material!

Well, both The Ceti Draco and The Ceti Vos are about as done as they're gonna get.  Finally.

Meanwhile, since I had to be visiting an engineer in Sol, I decided to get some shots from Saturn down to Mercury, or what I call the "Cradle of Life Tour".  Who knows when I'll be through here again.




Earth[ - a shot of England and Africa/i]



Obviously, that's not all there is to the Sol system, but those are the major players I was concerned with.  I'll throw this pics in the archive so I can pull them out on some of my larger and more tiring exploratory exploration.

Speaking of tiring...looks like sleep deprivation is beginning to its toll on me.  I've done all the work I care to on the Courier, so I'm going to hit the bunk for the night.  Pleasant dreams, all.

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