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Nullvektor / 04 Jun 3305
Core mining, Fire support, Painite

It's slow going, but void opals and low temperature diamonds are really raking in the credits. So much so, in fact, that I've contracted a fighter pilot to provide fire support. I've noticed that every time I drop into a hotspot there's always one or two assholes lurking around whose day I must ruin. They must be either fanatical or desperate to not turn tail and run when they see a Corvette drop out of hyperspace and immediately discharge a fighter... I mean, c'mon dude, the bulk of my hardpoints may be occupied with mining tools, but the two huge multi-cannons should be enough to dissuade you from even entering into my sensor cone.

Oh well, easy credits for me, easy credits for... whatshername. I really ought to learn it. She's far less expendable and far more useful than the wannabes I've hired previously. She doesn't remind me of my fighter career one bit, and that's a good sign. I hated being a fighter jock, always tethered to my station or escort carrier-- space seems big and endless up until the point when your low fuel alarms start going off, and you realize you've got to turn back or face the ignominy and docked pay of having fleet send out a tug to drag your stupid ass back to port. So she's not me. She sticks close, she watches my ass, and when the time is right she knows how to flank and rip off the shields of whatever sorry sonofabitch tried to get rich quick.

Heard some scuttlebutt over at Heck Reserve that there were a few Painite hotspots that would be worth my attention. I can't say I have any extreme dislike of poking around icy rings for the rare chance of finding one asteroid filled with void opals-- because the thrill of finding one and the fun of watching one of those things pop open can't be beat-- but faster credits is always nice.
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CMDR Nullvektor
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24 Jun 3305
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05 Jun 3305
27 May 3305
VLDREV Evaluations
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