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Korzhakov / 04 Jun 3305

It feels strange, waking up next to the wife each morning, being on the station at 1g. Walking around a space bigger than my ship. For 6 months I was gone on DW2 and just like that I am home again. It is like life didn't skip a beat. It takes a few days to get back into the swing of thing, with so many people and so much activity going on around me, it feels most alien after a life a solitude and concentration on the expedition.

I enjoy being home, and being with my wife and grandson, it's the best part of life.

Taking the boy around the station to enjoy the various activities is keeping my busy, along with overseeing the outfitting of both of my ships that are now here at the station. The Savitskaya, my ASP X is now fully rigged as a Search and Rescue ship, her jump range is now 64.4 with full fuel and she is ready to start her life in this new role. She is bright yellow and proudly wears my Squadrons name on her back "EXO" is large and obvious. But this is a SAR ship, I will help anyone that needs assistance with fuel or hull issues, I don't care how you ended up like that, I am just here to help.

My wonderful Krait Phantom, the Karelian Dawn has been going through a thorough inspection and maintenance cycle since returning from the trip. I am re-configuring a few of the modules for use around here running cargo and a few other missions, and she now proudly wears the Distant Worlds 2 decal on the dorsal just above the cockpit. I am impressed with how well she did on the journey and how little actually had to be done considering the distance traveled. I am having her detailed so that she looks like the day I picked her up at Jameson. I really enjoy flying this ship.

It's mine and the wife's anniversary in 2 days, were going to spend a few days just touring around the Colonia area together. It's going to be nice, and we have reservations at the best restaurant at Jaques station on Thursday.

Well it's time to take the gandboy to the rock gym, that kid loves to climb.
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