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Kissamies / 06 Jun 3305
Bubble Business

Well, I arrived back home at Yimakuapa half a week ago. I intended to give the entire crew of my exploration ship a vacation, but my co-pilot insisted that I take some time off while she sees to upgrading the fleet. Chasing a promotion by showing what she can do, I bet. Whatever the reason, she has done a fine job. While we were weeks away on the North side of the galaxy, some new technological innovations were made. I don't know the details, but it seems like every ship now has more room to install optional modules. I used the co-pilot as a sounding board while thinking some of the ideas while we were landed on those remote, lonely planetoids to do field maintenance, and apparently she paid more attention than I thought. So while I was taking a short vacation, she flew the ships around, finding parts and engineer upgrades. She even upgraded my Imperial Courier. Normally I don't like other people messing with my personal transport, but I will let it slide because it can boost at 850 m/s now. She told me how she got attacked by a murderous commander in Deciat and survived 4 interdictions in a row despite panicking, making many mistakes and having her drives shot up. I think I might put her in charge of my Imperial Cutter. She might find some satisfying use for that ship.

Looks like the faction I'm supporting, Aseveljet, is heading for another expansion. While I was away, it seemed to be in a bit of a decline, even threatening to retreat from one system, until a member of a squadron who is very dedicated in supporting the faction, far more so than even me, stirred and started to turn it around in all system. It's amazing how much difference one commander can do. So now that I am also here and ready to bolster the progress, expansion is assured. I am a bit worried, though. The cooperative faction like ours is sure to be at odds with Li Yong-Rui's corporate designs if it grows too big inside his sphere of influence. He hasn't made any statements about it that I know of yet, but some over eager commander might act on his own. Well, I will just support the faction and hope they will expand to some friendlier power's territory eventually. I find Pranav Antal very suspicious, but cooperative factions seem to fit his utopian ideal.

So I am likely to be mostly flying my faction support Python, Suicide Express, for a while. A bit dull ship, but the Pacifier frag cannons I just managed to secure at least give me something new to experiment with. I am still planning to purchase that Beluga soon, but perhaps I will get a Clipper first. My Python can do most missions except piracy, you see and that is a sort of extralegal activity I haven't yet tried.
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