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Badpenny Belle / 07 Jun 3305
Madness and Thargoid Links

Personal log: 06/07/3305
Earthlike worlds and black holes. The longer I was in the black the more I was consumed with these two bodies. ELW, Black Holes, ELW, Black Holes, ELW, the words beat into my ears with my pulse. To find them, to map them, to claim them as my children. I find myself wondering if this is what space madness feels like, the whispering of the ancient void calling to you, drawing you ever deeper into its depths. Like the ancient will-o-whisps from old earth mythology. The thought of discovering an ELW though, a place to settle, where in thousands of years billions of souls could live and work - finding a home, hell, existing simply for the fact that I was here, that I made the discovery.

When I did, finally, make my way back to civilized space I was so turned around I didn't even know what day it was. I checked a few geological sites for Canonn, from the archived records before the Thargoid invasion and then, convinced it was Thursday, I set out and began the process of collecting 60 thargoid links for the Hutton Convoy on Saturday. Of course, it wasn't actually Thursday, it was Wednesday. And so, there I was, in remote space with a dozen hungry links in my cargo bay, already too far along to turn back and switch ships with a day to spare.

And so I spent the entirety of my travel time yesterday watching archived holovids and munching on far too any ration packs from the dash. If you close your eyes and pretend really hard they almost taste like fried potato chips. Sort of. Not really.

Then, first thing this morning, operatives over at Canonn contacted me that scanning sites needs to involve actually scanning things at the sites, and my inforation was no good. So now, I need to finish up here and go back to reconfirm the sites I... failed... to verify. In my Python. With 64 tons of thargoid links in my hold.

Ah well, no one said that being a Commander would be easy. Exciting, yes; lucrative, most definitely; but easy, not so much.

Frick it. Commander Belle out.
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