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Wym / 09 Jun 3305
9 Jun 3305 17:25

[Voice recording begins.]


This is the first entry in what I hope will be a long string of them. Just the other day, I decided I'd keep a record of my travels and accomplishments for you. By the time you read these, you'll probably have figured out that your mother didn't want me around. I lost the legal battle to get custody of you, or to even set some visitation rights in place, so I left. Just took off into the black and didn't look back.

I don't know what she's said about me over the years, and whatever she's told you will undoubtedly shape your opinion of the man you'll see in these files, but... I hope you see something in me that is good. Something that is worth knowing. I imagine I'll still be around by the time you get these recordings. I don't take risks, believe me. If you find that your old man seems okay, you should look me up. If not... you can delete these and... I suppose that will be that.


Anyway. I'm heading out to see what I can make of myself. I managed to get a Sidewinder from a friend who owed me a few favors. She's definitely not a good ship, but she'll do until I can get something better, something more roomy. I don't know if you'll have ever been in a ship by the time you hear this, but Sidewinders are pretty far down on the list. You wanna make sure you get something better. It'll definitely be worth the credits.

I'm thinking about starting to trade. I hear traders can do pretty well out here if they watch it. Pirates are about the only thing you'll have to worry about out here, so long as you keep to yourself, and I hear they're not all that bad to get away from. I imagine it's not as easy as I hear, but I gotta start somewhere.

I've thought about exploring, too. There's something about exploring space and seeing the sights that's always fascinated me. Seeing the different type of stars, maybe see the effects of a black hole. Who knows what else is out there? Maybe I could see a xeno. Apparently we're fighting some now. Call themselves the Thargoids. Or maybe that's what we call them, I don't know... But exploring is a good way to live too, I hear. You can sell your cartography data to stations, and it can help put food on the table. Thankfully, I eat cheap.

I'm just rambling here. I didn't expect to be heading into space like this, with nothing to my name except a loaned ship and a thousand credits.


I can't blame your mom, though. And you shouldn't either. I woulda kicked me to the curb, too. Hell, I woulda had me arrested if I was her. Maybe there was a little bit of love there left. She was always a wonderful woman, more forgiving than she shoulda been. Sniff.

Alright, kiddo. I'm out. Gotta get started with living.

[Voice recording ends.]
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Explorer / Freelancer
09 Jun 3305
9 Jun 3305 17:25
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