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Ta1onn / 10 Jun 3305
Weekend Review

I had a pretty scattered weekend. After I finished up trading down raw materials, I also sold my exploration data, and it bumped me up to Pathfinder with the Pilots Federation, so that's nice.

Finally, I hopped back through the Engineers that I hadn't had enough material to upgrade to G5, and finished up there. This meant a bit of hopping, but after my 1500 LY trip, it wasn't so bad. I visited Zacariah Nemo, Ram Tah, Liz Ryder, Hera Tani and Elvira Martuuk. It's nice to have that engineer grade work done, so I can get their help when I need it.

I ended the night by heading to a resource extraction zone and killed some time (and pirates). That bumped my combat rank up to... Novice. Combat isn't really my thing yet, but I need the rank for some of the engineers, and I hear once I have a decently engineered ship, combat is pretty nice.

After that, I was having a little trouble deciding what to do next. I should probably go gather another round or two of raw materials, but I don't want to get burned out. I thought about visiting Jameson's Cobra, but that sounded boring right now, so I decided to head to the mines. I hopped over to Bridger (my Python outfitted for mining), and went out to the fields. I was chatting with my space buddy, and in about an hour, I had made 101 million credits. After selling those Void Opals, the Pilots Federation contacted me to tell me I'd been promoted to Tycoon in trading... so close to Elite, and yet I'm not even halfway there... that last rank jump is intense.

Flush with new Void Opal money, I decided to scratch an itch I've had for a while. I went and bought a Lakon Type-9. I went easy on the upgrades, mostly downsizing parts for jump, and loading up on cargo bays, so it came pretty close to the 100 million I made mining. I've always wanted a huge ship to haul huge loads, and I now had the spare money. I can't really justify the cost yet, but it'll pay for itself soon enough. Plus, I wanted to at least take a step towards my goal of helping out Operation Ida. For now, I've named her Space Cow, but I'll come up with something a little more dignified soon.

Finally, in a sleepless fit, I decided to make the pilgrimage to Hutton Orbital, so wish me luck

-CMDR ta1onn
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