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Badpenny Belle / 10 Jun 3305
Weekend Wreckage Wreview

Personal log: 06/10/3305
I overestimated the power of my prismatic shields. Against a pirate with FSD shutdown, I didn't last two minutes. I can't help wonder what the pirates did with all those Thargoid Links. Did they bother picking them up even? Probably not. Those things are poison if your ship isn't properly equipped for them.

Never the less, I was in a wing with Associates from Canonn, and with some help (and a bit of insurance) I got back on my feet in no time. I did try a couple more times to grab Bento Balls to make a run for the main convoy. It was actually pretty good fun, thanks to having some good insurance and friends in the system. Though I never did make a delivery.

In the end, the only balls I turned in were from Lydia of the Void, who showed up to the system in a large ship and needed assistance in her delivery. We were too close to the station when we made the drop though, and even that resulted in a fine.

Hutton truckers offered me a brand sticker for my ship, though I couldn't get my comms working in time to claim it and they moved on down the list before I could confirm their offer. Which is fine, I suppose. I would feel bad having one when I had never even been to Hutton Orbital before, I suppose.

All in all, it was kind of a fun clusterfrick. But, I needed some downtime afterword and have been nursing my wounds in station.

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10 Jun 3305
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