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Jack Calico / 11 Jun 3305
Commander's Log 10.6.3305

My head is pounding. These new helmets, I love the targeting system, but well, they are a little bit to get used to. Did a LOT of flying today, not so much mining. Federal Command had us running all over the god damn place. A station in Obassi Osaw System, Teller Horizons, was attacked at some point in the early evening yesterday. Leaving the station, I wasn't even thinking, just reacting, you know, like we're trained to do. It's been so long since I've been away from home, I'm almost forgetting what it's like on Earth. I know, Shana Bei 6 is incredibly similar, it's just not the same.

At approximately 17:39 ZULU time, I, CMDR Jack Calico, was in my office prepping paperwork for the unit, when Cadet Wellington came in and told me that urgent orders had come in from Federal Command. Apparently at sometime in the late evening yesterday, Teller Horizons in the Obassi Osaw. It is unclear whether the attack was Thargoid related or not, but we currently have agents out in the field investigating. Myself and CMDR Teklese Kothari. We were able to successfully evacuate over 100 personnel from Teller to a rescue vessel that was provided by the Pilot's Federation.

At that point we were re-diverted to Millese in order to help Sagittarius Eye with their objective of building a space station near an asteroid in their system. We expect to make a few more deliveries and then from I'm being told by Federal Command, is that we will be back on Rescue Operations tomorrow, I foresee, as after we were relieved by Pilot's Federation Rescue Personnel, there were several munitions canisters that detonated due to the extreme heat.

Personnel should be aware of the danger posed at Teller Horizons, make sure to have heat sync's armed and prepped when you head in to the station. I will be heading rescue efforts tomorrow if anyone would like to join and gain reputation with the Federation.

On a personal note, after several months and 200 hours of community service (I guessed I pissed off the wrong security personnel last time when I left Sol), I finally received my SOL access pass today. I want to thank everyone that helped motivated me and helped guide me to be able to get my access pass! I also received two other passes AND received TWO Federal commissions today!

I'm happy to have hit Chief Petty Officer and look foward to working hard towards one day making Admiral.

At this time, there is nothing further to report. Intelligence reports have been posted to the #state_of_affairs channel in the communications hub at Chu City.

End of Report.
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CMDR Jack Calico
Anti-xeno activist / Thargoid hunter
11 Jun 3305
Commander's Log 10.6.3305
Jack Calico
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