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Kenta Nakamura / 11 Jun 3305
Commander's Log 06/10/3305

**June 10th, 3305 Wednesday**

It's been almost a year since I've written anything in this damn logbook... To be quite honest I've forgotten the password again to it and just so happened to guess correctly on it's entry before the timer locked me out again.

Jesus where the hell do I even begin? Fenrir IV was sold after the League of Reperations project was completed. From there I was promoted higher in the Federation rankings and swapped it out for a Federal Dropship (FD-653). I know I know it's slow it's bulky and not meant for combat but that's fine. Combat wasn't 100% my thing. Ever since I've taken the Dropship though I've been doing more and more transport missions for the Federation. And quite frankly I enjoy it. I truly can't get enough of flying from star to star.

The problem is these damn pirates who think they can steal my cargo! Thankfully I have yet to loose a load, please don't jinks me on this log, but for god sake these people don't know when to quit! Most of the time it's not even supplies they can really use they just off sell it on the black market. However I did sell the old Fenrir Cruiser II (FC-246) and swapped it out for a real monster of a ship. My first large passenger ship the Beluga Liner! The ship is MASSIVE and I can transport so many people in the damn thing I can't help but take as many people as I can that are going to the same location! The insurance is murder though.... Even with standard operating equipment it's close to 10 MILLION CREDITS! For God's sake I'm not made of money!

Well I may not be made of money but certainly starting to see the value in buying bigger ships like this one. However I went up enough ranks again and bought the new Federal Assault Ship..... And I regret it honestly..... IT'S SO DAMN SLOW!!! How can the Federation expect anyone to fly with this slow tug boat of a ship!? It's jump range is HORRIBLE as well.... Then I saw what the Federation had in mind after my next promotion.... The Federal Gunship..... With a maneuverability so damn low I might as well fly and fight in a SIDEWINDER OR A DAMN TYPE-10 IN THAT SLOW SHIP! Seriously it's no wonder the Federation can't keep pilots they either wise up and quit or they die flying these ships!

It seems like though pilots who survive can get their hands on a prized ship. The Federal Corvette. That's my goal. I've already reached one goal with the Beluga I can reach this one in no time.... Though I'm debating on weather or not I should get it. Sure I knock on the Alliance a lot but.... What even are their values? What can they bring to the table to pilots like myself? Let alone where the hell are they? I hear stories about some of their ships like the Cheiftan but damn where are they half of the time?

Maybe I'm looking into this too much.... But then again I want the best ship to protect myself against the Thargoids.......

I've seen their handywork....... An entire area of passenger ships just.... Destroyed.... Covered in some kind of green burns.... Acid perhaps? Eitherway they're just passenger ships most of them are always bragging about being the top 1% of whatever system they're in. Pilots who actively attack them I get but.... These are just civilian ships.... Is it any different than when we humans attack other ships? Where is the line? Don't get me wrong if I see a Thargoid I'm either hightailing it out of there or killing them as fast as possible. Granted even now I still feel like they'll kill me fast but once that Corvette is signed and in my name I'll kill any I encounter with it.... Still though I received an emergency distress call the other day from a station..... An Empire station nonetheless but when they said Thargoids I couldn't let them just die. I loaded up as many refugees as I could and got them to the transport ship as fast as possible..... I don't agree with the Empire at all. Cloning let alone slavery just doesn't sit right with me..... But I'm not going to sit around and watch a station burn to the damn ground over a bunch of bugs!

At least now I'm home. I've got a nice little dock in Rhea's Baladin Gateway with my name on it. The payouts for both transporting goods and transporting rich idiots is always high and Felica is still giving out economic booms in her systems like crazy.

For now I'll stay here and rest until the weekend.... Afterall it's been a rough year.

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11 Jun 3305
Commander's Log 06/10/3305
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