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Kezika / 11 Jun 3305
Farewell Skye, Greetings Lupita

Well, Skye Mueller provided enough work for me to pay off her debts. She learned combat piloting experience through her services to me as a Ship's Steward.

She had stayed on with me for a few weeks after her Imperial Slave contract was completed and returned to her status as an Imperial Citizen, earning a couple million from me in wages. She bought herself a nice Gutamaya Courier with those wages and has set out on her own career as an independent pilot. o7 Skye, you will be missed, stay safe out there!

So after we said our goodbyes I revisited Keltim and browsed through the dossiers of available Imperial Slave contracts, and found a Lupita Hendrix. She used to pilot luxury cruise Clippers in Achenar, but got in a little over her head in credit with a Client and in need to repay that.
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