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McGyverCP / 11 Jun 3305
It's been a while...


As the title says, it's been a while since I last updated my Commander's Logbook. Just been busy, flying my backside off trying to get everything ready. Ready for what you ask? Well grab a drink, have a seat and let me tell you.

Since the landing debacle with the Keelback, I have since sold it and bought a Python. It is named "Acme Hauling #1" and as the name implies, it is my cargo hauler. So far it has made me enough credits to buy a Fer-de-Lance named "Arrowhead" which I use for combat in the Res Sites, and a Diamondback Explorer, named "Walk-About". The "Walk-About" is my long range exploration vessel. I will most likely sell the Cobra Mk III that I used for my combat ship before as the "Arrowhead" is lightyears better than the Cob III ever was.

I have the FDL loaded out with a 4A gimbal Pulse Laser in the Huge hardpoint and four 2F Multi-cannons in the medium hardpoints. I beefed up the Hull and Module supports and added four A class shield boosters. My god how this thing works! The pulse laser drops shields quickly, and the multi's take out the armor/hull like a hot knife through butter. It doesn't have a long jump range as loaded out, only around 7+ lys, but I am only using it as an in-system gunboat so I am not concerned as of yet about the range...Can't wait to get back to it.

That's because I have taken the "Walk-About" out on a nice long exploration trip. Looking at the Galaxy Map, I am heading roughly WNW out of LHS 20. Currently, I am about 3,500+ lys out. With the 56+ ly regular range I have (yeah, I have the G5 FSD upgrades), the ship eats up distance nicely. So far I have had no problems at all, and am now finding more and more unexplored/undiscovered systems. So far only a couple of Ammonia Life Gas Giants, and a few Water Worlds. But so far no Earth Likes, or Terraformables yet. But I plan on heading out about 25K to 30K lys, so I am sure I will find something that is interesting. I did come across a nice Ringed Gas Giant with Vopals, Low Temp Diamonds, and other nice mineable things, so once I get back home I might have to grab the Python and outfit it for mining...We will see.

Currently, I am sitting on an 1.6G Ice Ball resting for the night and will head out later. So far, Knock On Hullplate, I haven't had any bad experiences or problems that would require me to fire up the Field Repair rig...But I guess it is better to have it and not need it.

Well, I have to get some shut eye before I launch later and continue the journey. Take Care and Check Six Commanders...

McGyver, Commander of Lakon Michael Charlie Golf, signing off.

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