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ThinkrDotExe / 11 Jun 3305
Journey to Hutton

Entry 1:
"Courier mission to Hutton? That doesn't sound so bad! Pays fairly well too!" So I thought at the outset of this enormous undertaking. With a head full of dreams and the data uploaded to my ship's database, I set off to Alpha Centauri, determined to bring this data to its destination - uncorrupted, and without a scrape on my ship. On entry to the system, I realized that Hutton Orbital was 0.22 Ly away from my location. Undaunted, I throttled up - ready to set the galactic record for travel time from entry point to station.

Entry 2:
I've been flying in a straight line for a little over 20 minutes now. Although I live for trekking through space, hurtling through the deep black at over 1500c, space and time begin to seem somewhat... expansive... around this time. However, resourceful pilot that I am, I manipulate the communication array on my ship to pick up latent transmissions from ancient earth broadcasts from a site known as Twitch. The streamer's antics and subpar performance on some open world game featuring an elf man was entertaining... or at least entertaining enough to distract me for the while.

Entry 3:
I've been in transit for almost an hour now on this cursed route. What man or woman in their right mind would create a station THIS FAR OUT?! As I stare into the void, slowly losing my mind and sinking into madness, I receive a transmission requesting me to attack and massacre a caravan of transit ships - likely to eliminate competition from a rival trading company. The pay is a pittance and innocents would likely lose their lives, but that doesn't concern me as much right now. All I have to say is this trip had better be worth the 734,000 CR I've been promised. Might even demand a little more on top for all my trouble... also, I've noticed this odd sound somewhere in the back of my ship - or at least that's where I think it's coming from. I'll just flip on the ship's autopilot to go check it out real quick.

Entry 4:
It's taunting me, I just know it! One minute it is in the cargo hold, the next it's in my private quarters. It's faint, but I KNOW it's there! Like a low-frequency hum... sometimes even a whisper... I can't accurately describe it, but I know it's toying with me now. Just wait, I'll get it... you'll see... you'll ALL see!

Entry 5:
I still hear the humming noise, but it's okay. It's become a comforting presence in the vast emptiness that lies before me. Every now and then, when I drift in and out of consciousness, it's almost as if  it's telling a story... a story of what has been, and what could be...

Entry 6:
Less than a minute out from the station... we wonder if the inhabitants are ready for us... because WE ARE INEVITABLE. And we... are very hungry....
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CMDR ThinkrDotExe
Bounty hunter / Freelancer
11 Jun 3305
Journey to Hutton
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