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EvilCreamsicle / 12 Jun 3305
12 JUN 3305 - Craving Adventure

Well... I've done it again.

Taking time off to go exploring is all fine and well, but it always leaves me itching for something exciting when I get back. The vast lonely blackness of it all can make a man restless.

Well, I met an interesting gent at a bar at Citi Gateway in Inara who sounded like he might have the cure, so I decided to tell him that I was 'craving a little adventure'.

I'm thinking, you know, cargo run protection, hunting down pirates, that sort of thing. Nope. Been nonstop 'adventure' ever since with this dude.

The second we exit the bar I'm already thinking this guy is going to get himself killed. I must have a soul rattling around in here somewhere, because I decided to keep an eye on him until his 'business' was resolved. For free, no less.

Good thing too. After that hell breaks loose, ships are blasting through the mailslot shooting at each other, two separate ships crashed in the docking bay, station goes on lockdown...

Decided to take a rifle up and scope out what he had going on. Sen was his name, some kind of tech entrepreneur.
He takes off, in spite of the lockdown, with some huge angry fella hanging from his landing gear, trying to arm a mining charge on the side of Sen's ship.

Obviously this guy had a death wish, so... well, I obliged him.

Not sure what the hell I've gotten myself involved in... I ran and looted what was left of the guy after falling 100ish meters, and me and the wing got the hell out of there.

Now, here I sit, waiting in queue for docking at Sadler's Song, so I can find out what the hell is going on.

I think I've had enough adventure for the year... though something tells me its not done yet.
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CMDR EvilCreamsicle
Renegade / Runaway slave
12 Jun 3305
12 JUN 3305 - Craving Adventure
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