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Korzhakov / 13 Jun 3305
A little lite bounty hunting

Seeing as how we moved to the Colonia area to get away from a lot of the mess that is the space surrounding Sol, moving out here where cooperation is key to survival, where everyone just wants to make a better life for themselves and their families.

So as the area grows in population, and stations, and the people prosper, it of course brings out those who are not willing to work for their credits, those that would prey on the innocent hard working people of Colonia. Doing simple one hop cargo runs the other day and I had no less than 5 interdiction attempts. While I was able to avoid being brought out of super-cruise, it did annoy me to no end.

So the next day I transmit my specifications to the Core Dynamics sales office at Colonia Hub. A rated module available in Colonia. Stuff a class 3 beam laser and a class 3 multi cannon on it and not much will stay in a fight for long with me.

The next day I catch the shuttle over to Colonia Hub and arrive at the sales office. Roger, my sales rep takes me to their hangar and shows me my new ship. The technicians had been working on it since yesterday and she is now ready for my acceptance inspection. After a quick look around he hands me the screen and I sign and transfer the credits. One of the techs takes me through the pre-flight for this ship and we spend an hour or so getting me familiar with it.

I slide into the pilots seat and transfer to the flight deck, all systems are green and it's time to depart. I clear the station and get past the no fire zone. I start to throttle up and see how she maneuvers. This ship has earned it's reputation as a not to be messed with fighter.

I head on over to the nearest mining site which is only a few light seconds away and in no time there are wanted criminals on my scanner, time to find out what she can do. 4 pips to weapons, 2 to engines and lets go to work.

I start scanning the ships in the area, next thing I hear, I am being scanned, and after finding out I don't have cargo, the pirate makes a call to me to complain about it. I quickly confirm his status as a wanted criminal and switch 4 pips to weapons, I deploy the hard points and hit his shields with the beam laser, his Viper shields just couldn't hold up to that onslaught and he lost them in seconds. He tries to maneuver and boost away, but the Vulture is too maneuverable and fast for him, I add the multi cannon into the mix and his hull is gone in under 10 seconds. He never stood a chance.

His bounty was more than I needed to gain an audience with Mel Brandon the engineer, I took down another wanted ship before clearing the ring and jumping to "The Brig" I hand in the bounty voucher to Mel and he offers me his services. We go to work on my beam laser, and before long, it'd drawing less power, and able to hit harder than before. Some work on my power distributor and the thrusters and shield boosters and now she's a much deadlier machine than the day before. It's time to see how well it all pulls together.

I head off to the extraction site in the same system, and as always, the scum don't take long to show themselves. I engage a wing of 3, all in smaller and much less shielded and armored ships, I engage the fist and the new much more powerful beam laser slices his shields and hull in no time at all, I turn to the next ship in the wing as he has already fired on me, by time I start me engagement with him the system authority show up and start working on him and the remaining ship from the wing and I finish off the second ship but the system folks took care of the third all on their own.

This site is busy and I continue to engage ship after ship with only slight pauses in between. An imperial clipper, a few federal assault ships, another Vulture, a few FDL's and then it appears, an Anaconda, I scan him and sure enough wanted, and the system authority jump on him before I can reach him, but they aren't putting much of a hurt on him, so I hit him with the big laser and although it took longer than the rest, I brought his shields down and went to work on his hull. Man, these are big tough ships, but the Vulture let me stay out of his fire arc and work on his hull, again it took longer than the smaller ships, but I brought him down and took him out.

A few more assault ships, an FDL and then another Anaconda appears. This guy has the pilots federation combat rank of expert. The fight is on and I work thru his shields just like the last one, but he gets a good shot at me and brings down the outer ring of my shields, I still get the better of him and start working on his hull. But when he realized he was going to loose this fight, he charged up and jumped out. I still felt pride in what I was able to do.

I switch sites and the one I jump into has a criminal attacking a miner as I enter the site. His fighter is recovering and I engage them. I hit the fighter with my laser and drop it's shields, but that thing is fast and is gone from my view in no time, the mother ship engages me at the same time as the fighter and it's on. I try to focus on the fighter but it's no use, suddenly I'm alerted that my shields are down, so I boost away and maneuver as best I can, I boost again and again, they took my hull down by a few percentage points before the system authority engaged them and brought them down, but I was able to escape destruction. Next time I'll think twice before engaging a ship with it's fighter already deployed.

I low wake it to the nearest port and have the ship fixed up and rearmed. I think it's time to call it a day and head home. I make the jump back to TIR and dock at Bolden's Enterprise. I put the Vulture to bed in her hangar and place an order to have the maintenance crew add a name to her tonight.

She has done and outstanding job on her first day and had those criminals running scared, she's going to disrupt a few gangs in the Colonia area and has earned the name "Havoc"
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