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Vincent Serra / 14 Jun 3305
Credits make the worlds go round

It’s amazing what you can get for a few credits when you know the right people: military hardware; exquisite company for a period of time; mind blowing chemicals… I’m not interested in that, though. My requirements are more anthropological.

Gene manipulation is quite straightforward – material from the right sources can be obtained if you know where to look – and then it’s a matter of bribing the appropriate clinics to do their magic. Suddenly you’re related to a different, more respectable class of people.

Facial reconstruction is a lot easier then it used to be. Some mild discomfort for a few weeks, but relatively painless. Now not even my own mother would recognise me - plus I can acquire some uncanny resemblances to the people I’m supposed to be related to.

Rewriting history is trickier… To account for missing time I must weave a tale which is as close to the truth as possible to keep outright lying to a minimum while still being plausible. Something which will allow my peers to accept me into their circle without arising suspicion. Orphanage records aren’t easily cracked, but can be manipulated for someone with enough nous and determination. Foster parents can be woven into the narrative – especially if the real people whose identities you use mysteriously disappear. Family heirlooms can often be acquired from pawn shops or flea markets – the owners unaware of the treasures they’ve stumbled upon. It all takes time and a bit of money, but it’s all possible for a focused individual.

All of that just needs a bit of cash and contacts – none of the lesser Imperial nobility will start looking closely at your pedigree in case you start looking at theirs – but some things can’t be bought. Any old space trucker can rise to the honorific rank of “Duke” by lugging cargo and running data for the Imperial Navy, but it takes a whole lot more to be an Imperial Duke: honour.

Honour is difficult to quantify, but must be earned. There are no shortcuts here. So I’ve got the right pedigree, the right look, the right contacts – I’ve got people’s attention. To be a Duke – an Imperial Duke – in essence rather than just name, I need to prove my worth on the battlefield. What better way than to achieve Combat Elite rating in the service of the Empire?

Well, apart from not doing that and everyone thinks you did anyway...
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CMDR Vincent Serra
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14 Jun 3305
Credits make the worlds go round
Vincent Serra
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