Logbook entry

Delhome / 16 Jun 3305
Shore-leave is over.

Sol date: 09 Jun 3305

Sometimes I think shore-leave is more than it's cracked up to be. When I'm out in the black ocean, I can't help but think about getting my boots dirt-side again.

But as soon as I start my walkabout, start smelling the polution, hearing the screaming people trying to fleece people out of their creds, I start longing for my ship again.

Back to the sky.... There are credits to be made... I'm starbound and down with a load of superconductors.

Sol date: 10 Jun, 3305
Commander's Addendum:

While in some hole in the wall tavern back on Ito Station, they had this fighter simulator system... Really just some old decommissioned Condor-class training sims, but all dolled up to make the crowd think they were something special. The bar's owner runs a competition every night, one of those "live out your dreams as a star-fighter" things... Really just brings in the sim-jockeys.

Winner of each night's competition eats for free the next day. I never paid for a meal... I almost felt sorry for those nacho eating kids.

Sol date: 12 Jun, 3305,

Addendum 2:

I must have been getting soft from the booze and taking on those kids in the sims... This woman walked in, made a b-line straight for the simulators, whooped my tail up one side the bar and down the other. Had to buy her a drink, just had to, even if just to hear her story!

Sol date: 15 Jun, 3305,

Me and Aurora signed the contract this morning... Maybe I'll regret it, but there is just something about this woman. We are going to be picking up my Krait Mk II this evening, along with her Condor class fighters... Time to make some cash!
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