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Korzhakov / 16 Jun 3305
Busiest day I can remember

I awoke in my bed on Bolden's Enterprise like all mornings since returning from the expedition.

I knew I had some errands to run and wanted to check on some upgrades for Havoc, my new Vulture heavy fighter. I put my Remlock on and head to the hangar bay. I pre flight the Vulture and climb into the seat. I check station services out of habit and there they are, staring me in the face. Simple cargo runs, one and done kinda hops, and all over a million credits each.

I can't turn that down,, I grab a few of those missions and switch over to my Krait which is now configured to run cargo. I load the hold and start the runs, Ogmar, Ratraii, Alberta. I'm all over the local area, the credits come rolling in.

Tired of the cargo runs for now I hop back in the Vulture and head to Colonia for the aforementioned outfitting. Turns out to be a bust, not going to happen as it's just to much for my power management system, the only weakness of the Vulture.

Frustrated with that, and close to some good hunting grounds, I start some bounty hunting.
Business is good and the kills rack up quickly. I spend a couple of hours removing criminal scum from the system. I head back to the barn.

Again, there are the missions, millions of credits per run. Back into the Phantom and I'm hauling all sorts of items for the local factions. A few more hours of this and a couple of friends from my wing call about doing some bounty hunting in Ogmar. I meet them there and we wing up. An Imperial Clipper, a Python and my Vulture. We get right to work in a Hazardous extraction site and the sky is full of criminals begging us to claim the bounties on thier heads. The fighting is intense, but the three of us are basically unstoppable. We rack up around a million credits in bounties every ten minutes. After a while we all low wake for the nearest stations to rearm, we're expending an awful lot of ammunition.

We go back and have another go at a different site, results are the same. Keeping the miners safe, cracking bad guy skulls. We get to the point of being low on ammo again and we call it a day. I've been in the seat for a long time by now.

Tired but satisfied with the extra millions in the bank account. I dock at home once more and once again check the mission list. Now the runs are 3 to 4 million for two hop runs. I load up the phantom once again and I'm off. It's getting monotonous and I'm getting exhausted, but I've never made money this fast before. But exhaustion leads to mistakes and I know this. Sure enough I drop too soon on one approach and then get too close to a ring system. Minor hull and module damage, no biggie, but a mistake nonetheless.

I jump back home to Tir and have just an in system delivery to make. It's two hops and each time I dock at home I want to be done. But I have to finish my contracts.

Finally I'm in super cruise and headed home for the night, well morning technically. I'm relieved when I hear that docking clamps are engaged and down to the hangar deck I go. All systems shut down. Weary from my seriously busy day, but with over 20 million fresh credits to show for it. I smile on the trip back to the house as I know I'm about to be back in my bed, and wife will love the new bank balance.
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