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Chuckdm / 16 Jun 3305
Recent Developments


Distant Worlds 2 is over.  The trip home was a slog, even though I was only coming back from Explorer's Anchorage.  I thought about making the final leg out to Beagle Point (and thought about it, and thought about it, and...) but in the end I decided I had spent enough time not blowing stuff up.

I got back about 2 weeks ago, actually, and until now I was content to stop journaling.  After all, the bubble is a busy place.  Out there in the black you're alone with your thoughts for weeks at a time, and the solace of a place to put them, even if just to get them out of your own head, is invaluable.  In the bubble, though, you never have the time to think, much less write your thoughts down.  Well...I've decided to make the time.  Probably not as often as I should, but every once in a while, I'll commit my thoughts to this datapad.  If nothing else, if I wind up becoming some big hero, people will know how my story began.

.:==: THE NEW FLEET :==:.

Since I've returned, I have actually been quite busy.  I finally decided to retire the Nebuchadnezzar - for now, at least - in favor of a pair of dedicated small ships.  With the recent change in regulations opening up more hull space for small modules, smaller ships have become much more versatile than they used to be.  Likewise, the "jack of all trades" ship still has the same flaw it has had for centuries: being the master of none.  This lead me to do some extensive virtual design and try to find a fleet of small ships that could easily supplant the Neb, enabling me to fly multiple specialized craft, each better at their job and considerably cheaper, rather than a single, medium or large ship with caveats all around.  And this brought me to my two new babies: The Logos and The Gnosis

The Logos is an Imperial Courier with over 2,000mj of effective shields and enough speed and firepower to make those shields last a very, very long time.  It is my combat ship, designed primarily for hunting pirates in RES sites, but capable of light assassination duty in a pinch.  My other new ship, the Gnosis, is a Dolphin designed primarily for exploration.  With a nearly 54ly jump range, class 5 thrusters, and only 215t of mass, it is uniquely suited to go very far, land in a small area on a high gravity world, and make it back alive.  I really wish I had known a Dolphin made this kind of quality exploration ship sooner, but I digress.  It also carries a single first class passenger cabin to earn pocket money around the bubble.

Now, true, these ships lack a single function: cargo.  But truth be told, I made my first 100 million credits doing nothing but cargo runs, first in an Adder, then a Keelback, then a Type-7, then a Python, and finally in a Type-9.  And...I'm sick of it.  Someone has to haul everyone else's junk around, but I've done my time in that job and I'm not planning to do any more.  If people want their cheap crap from the nearby industrial system, someone else is going to have to cart it over to them.

Or, I mean, they could always hire the Gnosis to take them to it.

As for what's next...I don't know.  Right now I'm sitting in a nice little cyber cafe in LHS 5333, sipping some Any Na Coffee.  It's rancid stuff, hence the sipping instead of my usual gulping.  I want to go, but I don't know where.  Here's hoping this swill gives me a spark of inspiration, and a new destination, pretty soon.
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