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Jav Marlo / 17 Jun 3305


17 JUN 3305 Somewhere in the Empyrean Straits.

This is commander Jav Marlo, recording this log on board the Hyperion, crossing the Galactic Bar. Heading back to the Bubble. Heading back… home.

I might have overcome space madness. Crossing the Solitude Void and the Silentium regions proved to be hard, but I did it. Anyhow, I am thousands of light years far from home, and I must keep focus. I have developed a routine, with stablished periods of flying, resting and eating in a twenty four hours schedule. This has slowed down my path but helped my mental stability. I am also trying to reconnect with the issues of men reading about the news that I receive here from the Bubble.

The Voyager Trail, the path back home recommended by the Distant Worlds 2 fleet command, has far way less milestones than the route that took us to Beagle Point to break the monotony of the trip.

Arriving to system Hyiechou AI-J b36-0, also known as Sysipho’s Rock, was quite a relief. According to the Galactic Mapping Project database, the system contains a vulcanic active icy moon, while its parent body itself is a moon orbing a gas giant. A 2 c a is tidally locked to its parent body, allowing for a constant view of the moon A 2 c looming over the geyser site - just like the rock in the Sisypho’s myth, being a constant reminder of the futility of life in a seemingly endless universe but in the same vein offering a way to self-realize oneself in it, as the ancient philosopher Camus already put it over 1300 years ago. I could not agree more. I landed close to a geyser, under the shadow of the rock, and meditated about my place in the galaxy and my goal in life. I thought about my father and the quest I interrupted to participate in this expedition. I recalled that the worlds of men are being harassed at this very moment by an alien invasion, and that I am thousands of light years away from all that. It is time to come back.  

The Hyperion landed at Sysipho’s Rock (Hyiechou AI-J b36-0)

Back on track I arrived to sector Chraiteau, where I found two Earth-like worlds in a row. The first one in system Chraiteau AK-E C13-0, an otherwise anodyne system with just a landable moon.

An Earth-like world in system Chraiteau AK-E C13-0

And the second one in system Chraiteau WW-C C0, which has much more to offer, including several landable planets and moons and a class I giant with a pristine ice ring.

An Earth-like world in system Chraiteau WW-C C0

I have developed the habit of searching for high mass systems when entering in a new sector and, if it does not suppose a big detour, pay a visit to these systems. It is always a source of pride to discover a black hole or a Wolf-Rayet. That is how I arrived to Dryignoe AA-A h70, which contains a Wolf-Rayet and two class O stars. That was the first Wolf-Rayet star I had seen in a while. But it seems that commander EtherealCereal found it first.

The Hyperion departing system Dryignoe AA-A h70

I headed for system Bleethuia FF-A e1, also known as Proximity Rock. The Galactic Mapping Project database says that it is located within visual range of the Flyai Flyuae AA-A H20 Nebula, and that the system presents an uncommon trinary formed between a Class M, a Neutron and a White Dwarf. However, that is not what makes the system really catch the eye, it is the first landable body, that is only a scant fifty one light years away from arrival, relatively close to the dancing trio. It allows for views of all celestial objects with fantastic fidelity. I found a place to land from where to behold the nebula and the star’s trio.

The Hyperion landed at Proximity Rock (Bleethuia FF-A e1)

It seems that neutron stars are now less scarce than in the outer rim. That might speed up my pace, but I must be extra careful. I am carrying a fortune in scan data and I feel my focus and reflexes diminished after so many months travelling. Overcharging the frame shift drive in the jet cones of stars is always a dangerous business. Neutron stars can be treacherous and white dwarfs kill more commanders than Thargoids. That is why I replenished my Auto Field-Maintenance Unit when in Proximity Rock and repaired the main systems of the Hyperion. The battered painting has no solution right now.

Right after departing Proximity Rock I discovered two black holes. The first one was in system Tegneia EG-Y g0, and had two neutron stars orbiting it in the distance. The second one was isolated, in system Phreia Byoe BA-A g1. It had eight solar masses and was more than twelve thousand million light years old.

The Hyperion approaching a black hole in system Phreia Byoe BA-A g1

Now that I am close the galactic core, Wolf-Rayets are more common. I pass by them anytime I can but, alas, I have not been able to find any not already been discovered on this part of the trip.

The Hyperion flying by a Wolf-Rayet in system Aemosty AA-A h51

In system Hypio Bli EN-C c5 I found an Earth-like world orbited by a water world tidally locked. There were no landable bodies in the system.

System Hypio Bli EN-C c5

The next milestone in the itinerary was the Blue Peach Nebula, in system Lyaisai PS-U e2-160, a planetary nebula with two class F suns and a total of fifteen objects in orbit that orbits a small black hole in the southeast corner of Perseus Stem.

The Hyperion approaching the Blue Peach Nebula (Lyaisai PS-U e2-160)

And very near it was system Rotheau SZ-O e6-895, or Rattla, a system comprising a neutron star aged twelve thousand million years which is orbited by an incredibly beautiful lonely ringed Earth-like world.

The Hyperion approaching Rattla (Rotheau SZ-O e6-895)

I was in the core regions. At last! I had crossed the Delta Quadrant. This last part of my trip proved the hardest since I left the Bubble six months ago. And it took its toll too, both physical and mentally.

With a renovated spirit, I headed for the Aether Nebula, in system Eorm Phyloi OY-Z d37, a medium sized nebula located over two thousand light years above the galactic plane. The Aether Nebula is named after one of the primordial deities of Greek mythology, being the personification of the pure upper air that the gods breathed - particularly apt for the nebula's position in the galaxy.

The Hyperion on the Aether Nebula (Eorm Phyloi OY-Z d37)

The Perseus Stem is ripe with stars and systems containing Earth-like worlds. I found one in Cleeqai YP-O d6-9547, a very rich system containing tens of landable bodies.

Jav Marlo inspecting an Earth-like world in system Cleeqai YP-O d6-9547

And then I found an amazing place. After visiting hundreds of barren systems in the outer rim, I jumped into Zuneae GD-A D14-2200, one of the richest systems I have ever found. It has forty three celestial bodies including an Earth-like world, three water worlds and an ammonia world orbiting its four scoopable stars that are one F white star, two red dwarfs and a K yellow-orange star. Seven of the bodies are landable and six of them are terraformable. The place also has a class I gas giant with a pristine ring with hotspots of platinum, rhodplumsite and serendibite. A system like this, with four bearable life planets, would be an ideal place for a colony, and a very contested system if it was in the Bubble. And it is just six thousand light years away from Sagittarius A and Explorer’s Anchorage, right after the eastern neutron fields.

Gaia. System Zuneae GD-A D14-2200

I must report the discovery of system Zuneae GD-A D14-2200 to the Galactic Mapping Project as soon as I am able. But first, I must think of a name that suits the system. The place is so full of life that I have decided to call it Gaia, like in Greek mythology, the primal goddess and ancestral mother of all life.

I am recording this log somewhere in the Empyrean Straits, approaching system Phroea Ploe PD-B e2165 and the Phroea Ploe Nebula Cluster, just about twenty four thousand light years from the Bubble.

Just a couple of weeks more and I will be home.

Jav Marlo signing out.

The Hyperion approaching the Phroea Ploe Nebula Cluster (Phroea Ploe PD-B e2165)
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