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Asvaradal / 17 Jun 3305
The Nebula Run Begins!

Stargazer Station - Pleione
Obsidian Arrow Commander's Log

I'm finally about to set out for my expedition to the Crab Pulsar.
It's been months of preparation, grinding, trading , killing , and exploring.

I've got some downtime while some modules come over from Founder's so it's time to catch up the logs of this vessel.  

She's just about done.  Just a few more tweaks and the Arrow is squared away and ready for a trip into the black, the unknown black.

I'm a Jack of all trades, but a scientist first.  I feel my other endeavours are mainly an ends to the mean goal of getting back into the black as soon as humanly possible.

Since I woke up in the sidewinder, life has been one grind to another.  I quickly upgraded to a cobra and started doing some light smuggling, data running, and cargo jobs to make enough cash to get a Type 7  The S.S. Guppy.  

Damn I love that ship.  The Guppy flew like like a brick but it was a damn tank.  I still have her.  I might armour her up and use her for high priority transport or hot insertion into surface sites. The old girl still has some use.

I scored my Elite Exploration rating while running Passengers with the Spirit of Sothis, my Beluga. She's a gorgeous ship, and the biggest thing I've flown yet...  Got to get back to her soon too.  There's money to be made there and I'm thinking of retrofitting the Spirit with a Tanker and rescue kit.    Maybe I can enlist with the Legendary Fuel Rats

I've got  Krait that I'm about to outfit for Xeno work when I get back and a Mamba for ….fun!

There's a couple more in the hangar, but nothing brought me more joy than purchasing the Arrow.
She's a monster of a ship. 155 metres bow to stern, 65 port to starboard, 32 thick!

She took a LOT of work to make her into what she is. The most imposingly beautiful and lethal spacecraft I've had the privilege of owning. I'm about to take her out on my first serious expedition into the black.    I need my 5000ly badge so the good Professor Palin will speak to me about thrusters and sell me his prototype Corrosion Resistant Cargo Bay plans.  That pushed up my timing for this trip.

I WAS planning on taking up Ram Tah on his offer to investigate the Guardian Data Obelisks but from the research I was able to conduct while collecting material and plans for a jump booster ( They have BRAIN TREES!!!,) I found I need Thargoid Tissue and I KNOW that's corrosive.  So it's off into the black to earn my right to learn from the professor.  I'm hoping Ram will understand and allow me to collect the data when I return from my current expedition.

I need 5,000ly to achieve that mission, but I decided to go a bit further to one of the most fascinating and historic objects in our Galaxy, The Crab Pulsar.  
Along the way, I'm planning on passing through the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex and Several other nebulas as I make my way there. This is an expedition after all, and I'm off to do science

I think my modules are here. Time to set out... First stop, lonely little NGC 1333 and the train of stars that appear to extend out 100+ly from the central nebulosity.  I wonder what I'll find when I get there? Guess we'll soon find out...

Supplemental log--

Decided to take a detour and see the Taurus Dark Region.

It's Tinted Red, like a cosmic bloodspot suspended in space. One hell of a creature to bleed that much though.
Camping out on the furthest world. Taurus Dark Region Dl-Y D31.
There's Magma geysers here. Built in Campfires! The Scarab whoopdies are stupendous in the area I set down. .08G so you can really fly!
The most interesting thing about this world though is the View...2 " suns." One a Brown Dwarf, of which this body is but a moon. This small system orbits a yellow star. This makes for colourful horizons and spectacular viewing of both Stars in the sky. Shadows pop in in unexpected contrasts.

I need sleep. It's been a long flight already. Just got done repairing and shutting down systems. I'm rigged for ships night. Think I'll watch the yellow sun set and get some shuteye.
Do you like it?

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CMDR Asvaradal
Freelancer / Scientist
24 Jun 3305
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17 Jun 3305
The Nebula Run Begins!
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