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[deleted105814] / 17 Jun 3305

I have spent the past couple of days doing some hella cargo runs around Colonia. I am raking in credits like never before but I feel bad using my Krait Phantom which is outfitted and engineered on the razors edge for exploration. Although she makes a perfectly good cargo hauler, I don't want her configured for that role.

So after another half day of cargo runs and quite a few million credits added to the account. I find myself having lunch at Jaques Cafe and I pull up the listing of the sales offices on the station and peruse the offerings of ships available to see if there is something with more cargo capacity that I can feel safe flying around here. With the recent upgrades here at Jaques, there are a lot more ships and modules now available so it takes a while to decide. Of course then the fun starts as I have to see if the modules I want are available anywhere in the Colonia area.

I do full build out's of several models until I think I know what I want. I make my way to the Faulcon Delacy showroom and start talking with the sales rep Jennifer, I explain what I am looking for and we sit down at her desk and work out the build, 160 cargo capacity, full A rated core internals, a 6A shield, hull armor, module armor, full weapons load-out, add paint and registration, some personal touches to the galley and commanders quarters and that will be 285,886,128 credits, how would you like to pay. I pop open the display on my Remlok and authorize the money to transfer to the sales office.

Thank you Commander Korzhakov, our technicians are preparing your new Python for delivery, we will contact you when it is ready.

I head back to the hangar deck and board the Karelian Dawn to complete a few more cargo runs until the new Python is ready.

I bounce back to my home station in Tir and grab another load of cargo, I head off to Ratraii and drop the load off, once again two idiots attempt to interdict me back to back, this is getting annoying. I have no weapons on this ship so submitting is not an option if I am to keep my reputation as a reliable contract hauler.

I arrive at Colonia Dream and drop off my haul. I get a message that my new ship is ready for pickup. I plot my jump to Colonia and arrive at Jaques in just a few. I park the Phantom and head to the sales office. Jennifer greets me once again and we take off for the Delacy hangars. We walk into the hangar and there, just as I ordered, a olive green Python that will do cargo runs with attitude.

She takes me on board and we tour my new ship, the counter tops in the galley and just what I wanted. The upgraded bed and storage in the Commanders Quarters will make this comfortable for when I have to stay on the ship overnights.

We walk onto the bridge and she initializes the handshake between Archer and myself, he ID's me through his sensors and she confirms that I am the ships owner. He will now begin to learn me. Jennifer is a very competent lady who knows these ships very well, a Commander herself she has been working for Faulcon Delacy for over 12 years and is very good at her job. She shows me the rest of the ship and goes over all of the systems and the items that I need to know.

Jennifer departs and the technicians are still doing some final checks before my departure. I get settled in and arrange for the Krait to be flown back to Tir and put in her hangar at Bolden's Enterprise. I get the feel for this cockpit arrangement and once the technicians give me the all clear, I have Archer plot the course to Luchtaine, were off to The Brig and to visit the engineer Mel Brandon.

We make the two jumps and arrive planet side at The Brig. I contact Mel's office and we begin the engineering processes. The frame shift drive gets more range, the power distributor gets shielded, the thrusters, the shields, the shield boosters, all get upgrades. Then we turn to the beam lasers, she sports three of them, two large and one medium. We get them efficient and more powerful, I will be able to keep the lasers burning thru shields and hulls for quite some time before they drain the capacitor.

I finish up with Mel and head over the the resource extraction site to test out the systems with some bounty hunting. I jump into a site and it's hazardous but not all that busy. I wait for the inevitable cargo wannabe pirate to scan me and as always they like to get on the comms and let you know they are pirates. They ask what I have, my response is always the same, two large beam lasers ripping through their shields in a matter of seconds. Then the two multi-cannons and the other medium beam laser come into play and I chew through the hull in no time.

This goes on for a few ships as I am only testing out the new Python. Then I see a Federal Gunship, the pilot is Elite, so I am going to leave him alone for now. but within minutes he's attacking one of the miners who was just doing his job getting minerals. So I jump in and hit the gunship with both big lasers, he cuts off his attack and turns his attention to me and he is sporting twin beam lasers as well. He is more maneuverable than this slow turning beast so I have a hard time getting him in my sights, but when I do the damage this thing unleashes is devastating. After a couple of head to head runs I have taken down his shields and gone thru about half of his hull, he pulls a hard turning maneuver and engages me multiple times before I can get him in my sights again, he has dropped my shields, but now he stays in my sights for a few and I get his hull down low, once again he out turns me and hits me several times, I loose 50% of my hull and my canopy is about to fail. one last pass and I breach his hull and claim the 180,802 credit bounty on his head. I stop the ship and asses the damage. The canopy is the worst of it, the hull is going to need some TLC once back at a station but other than that she held up well. Especially against such a formidable combo as an elite pilot and a gunship. I gather a few of the more valuable salvage items from his hip and then start the climb out of the extraction site. I am done for now and ready to head home.

I have Archer plot the jumps and in just a couple of minutes I am on approach to the home station. I dock and have maintenance start getting her armor repaired and guns reloaded.

That pilot was elite, and I was an explorer so this new multipurpose trade vessel changed both how other commanders remember him and how they now see me. So I name her "Damaged Reputation. She's going to make a lot of money running cargo and killing pirates in the Colonia area, I still prefer to bounty hunt in my Vulture, but I won't run from interdiction attempts in the Python.
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