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Ta1onn / 17 Jun 3305

Hey y'all,

A bit of a slow weekend. I finished up my mining tonnage for Selene to talk to me, then she wanted just 10 Painite. This didn't sound like a huge deal, so I did a quick search of what was nearby, checked my limpets (I had 40), and headed out to grab just 10 Painite... after cruising around the field for a while, I began to laser off a few bits from a Painite deposit. This made a huge mess in my refinery until I excluded everything else. Then, I sat back to watch them roll in... after over an hour, I only had 6, and I only had 2 limpets left, and I was starting to worry that I would have to go grab more limpets. So with my second to last limpet, I found an asteroid with a Painite core. Sweet, finally something I know how to do. I placed my charges, but the rock oddly didn't seem to have enough holes to hit optimal, but my time was up, so I backed off, the charges blew, and the rock didn't crack. I was pretty bummed, with only one limpet left, I knew I was in trouble. I decided to roll the dice one last time, picked a bright one, and checked it out... Painite Core!!! I knew I had to nail this one, so I flew all around it first, to make sure I didn't screw it up again, and began laying charges. I backed off, and listened to the sweet sound of cracking asteroid. With no limpets, I had to gather all my own Painite, but I didn't care, I didn't have to come back. Off I went to Selene.

I upgraded with Selene to G5, and along the way, she told me about a couple more engineers she knows. I decided to head out to Didi Vatermann first, but she wanted Brandy, but not just any, she wanted Lavian Brandy, 50 of 'em. On the up side, Lave was right next door. On the down side, they only sell batches of 12... so after 5 trips, I finally had her trust, and I ran up my engineering with her too.

Next, I had my eye on Bill Turner, who just wanted me to be friendly with the Alliance, which was really not a big deal, I was most of the way there already... what is a big deal is he lives in Alioth, which is locked down by the Alioth Independents, and I need a permit. So I've started slaving away there to gain access... probably another day or two. Wish me luck!

-CMDR ta1onn
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