Logbook entry

Scubadog / 17 Jun 3305
Not Earth-shattering News, But Import To Me

I'm home, simple as that.  Nothing particularly exciting, nothing life-changing.  Well, maybe just a little life-changing.  I mean, after spending so much time 'on the road'.  But it sure was nice cruising through the mail slot at Colonia Dream.  Inexplicably, there's not a single station in Ratraii that has Cartographic Services, so I swapped out my Clipper for a smaller ship and popped over to a nearby system that did.  It added about 20 million credits to my account...which I was about to wipe away in an instant.

After I locked down the ship in the hangar, I began working with the logistics reps on transferring some of the engineered modules I stored at Janes Horizons in Arexe as well as the Imperial Courier and Imperial Eagle. That effort took a serious chunk out of my bank account. I mean really serious. After a good night's sleep I pulled out The Ceti Zorro--my mining-configured Python--and headed upward away from the galactic plane to start searching for ringed planets with healthy deposits of Low Temp Diamonds and Void Opals. Vopals aren't fetching nearly what they had at the peak--around 600k per unit--and LTDs are actually more valuable now that Vopals...but not by that much. It's going to take a lot more mining to replenish my bank account than it did just a few weeks ago. But mine, I must.
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