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McGyverCP / 17 Jun 3305
Walk-About the Galaxy


Greetings Commanders,

Well, so far I have traveled 19,154.93 LYs since I have left LHS20. I have traveled across the Inner Orion Spur into the Temple Sector. After traveling approximately 1/3 the way across Temple, and finding no Earth Like or Ammonia Worlds, and few Water Worlds, I decided to turn towards Sag A.

I can understand now why some Commanders get burned out on exploration. Jumping from system to system, and then finding only the system stars or Icy body - Rocky world combos, is akin to the old television shows from Earth's 20th century of the undersea explorers traveling in the Deep. They would go down in these submersibles to the depths of the oceans and find nothing but flat, muddy bottoms. Yes, they did come across some great finds and those were documented, but how many hours of film were wasted looking at just mud?

While I was in the Temple Sector I came across two huge systems. One had 55 bodies, 4 of which were stars, the rest planets or planetoid types. The other system had 57 bodies and only One star. I do not map every system I come into, otherwise I would still be barely 500 LYs out of LHS20. I will map Heavy Metal, Water and Ammonia Worlds, and of course Earth Likes, if I ever find one. I am beginning to believe that Earth Likes are just a tall tale that the Old Timers tell the new Commanders...Sorta like the Free Ship if you travel all the way to Hutton Orbital (I painted mine Florescent Yellow).

So, sort of like the old Earth hobby of fishing, I decided to turn my boat towards Sag A. I have now crossed from the Temple Sector into the Scutum Centaurus Arm Sector. So far I have found a Helium Giant (a first for me) but no Earth Likes yet. I was looking at the Galactic Map this morning over chow and noticed that I am not that far from the Colonia area. Hmm, do I break off to head to Colonia before I go to Sag A? It is only 292 jumps to Sag A at approximately 56 LYs per jump. I will have to dig into the navigational computer and see how far off my trek it will be to head to Colonia.

I know, yeah I will probably go to Colonia first then on to Sag A...I'd rather do it that way than back track. But going in to Sag A the way I am traveling, I will probably come across less "discovered by" systems than going to Colonia first then heading to the Big Black Hole. Decisions, decisions.

Take Care and Check Six Commanders

Lakon Michael Charlie Golf signing out...

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