Logbook entry

Tredwell / 25 May 3305
Distant World II, Journey to Waypoint 10

The journey to Waypoint 10, The Morphenniel Nebula and Mors Pit (an impact crater) has seen some difficulties. The path crossed through Permit Restricted Areas, and my galaxy map would not plot the journey, leaving me stranded in the void until I could solve the problem. I listened out for other CMDRs radio messages and researched historical records and began to plot a route to one star at a time. each time trying to search for a direct route. After about five FSD jumps I was able to plot a direct route to the waypoint to my relief. I have waisted quite a time in trying to solve the problem. I landed and took time out to relax, heading out in the SRV to do some surface mining - there was little material out there, or perhaps it was further out than I was in the mood for travelling. Beagle Point still seems far off.
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