Logbook entry

Jkurittu / 18 Jun 3305
Log entry 3305-25B - First rescue missions

Following my 15000+ ly test run on board my exploration Anaconda, which will take me on a deep-space expedition to Beagle Point with CMDR Stareynolds, I returned to the Bubble only to receive a distress call on from a damaged station requiring assistance for urgent evacuation.

I only had a Federal Dropship as a rescue ship in my fleet and it only had limited passenger capacity so I quickly converted my Beluga Liner from a luxury cruiser to an emergency rescue ship and was thus able to help evacuate a larger number of people from a burning station. It was quite rewarding to help all those poor souls in their moment of need.

Based on that experience, I decided that I would need a rescue Corvette dedicated purely for evacuation missions. Yesterday I took delivery of my second Corvette at Jameson Memorial and I will take it to the next rescue site in the coming days. Once I took delivery of this ship, I was able to restore my Beluga to its original state as a top luxury cruiser once again.

Having checked on the overall well-being of my fleet, it is time to end a satisfactory day with a cold beer in a near-by lounge at Jameson Memorial.

Goodnight Commanders, o7
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