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Asvaradal / 18 Jun 3305
The Nebula Run - Day 2

Greetings from the Obsidian Arrow Commanders!

What a day it was.  I woke up in orbit somehow.  I know I fell asleep on the planet. I watched the sun set as my eyes closed. It was the first peace I'd had in weeks.   I slept in, maybe I shouldn't have.

I checked systems and my credit balance. Nothing was out of place.  Tragedy averted.  last time I celebrate the first night out!

Too bad though, I really wanted to take those whoopdies again in the Scarab...  

I did do some recon of the area's systems for later. It's pretty close to the Pleiades. I live at Stargazer when I'm there,  so it's a good day trip.

Taurus Dark Region EB-X c1-1 looks like a Thargoid Rally point.  Level 7 and 8 Non human threat levels detected here. While I'm sure I could make the Thargoids think twice before killing me, or at least do some damage before I die, I like living.  So, I'll be back here later with a scout ship to pull the tissue samples I need for Ram. I'm not looking to kill them yet.  As for my views on that, I'm a scientist.  My first thought is to learn as much as I can and try to find a way to coexist.  They were here long before us it seems. If primitive Earth was any lesson, removing any species from a biosphere, large or small has consequences. They're usually adverse.

Still, if they want to make trouble, the Arrow is equipped with Advanced Multicannons and a very powerful Beam. Not to mention an expert Fighter pilot.  I know, you might not think she's worth the expense, but when the light years start adding up, It's nice to have someone to share the pain with.

This ones new as I let my last pilot go on Jameson Memorial when I took my AspX , S.S lookfar out to Guardian space to chase down some blueprints I'd heard about from the folks at Canon Research. While I out there I got to do some recon for Ram Tah's Guardian Ruins decoding expedition. THAT's going to take work and is why I'm on this 16,000ly round trip mission earlier than I wanted to be.  I found out I'm going to have to sample THARGOID TISSUE. I'm still freaking out about that.  The two things in this Galaxy I've tried to avoid like the plague are slavery and Xeno molesting.  I've found out quickly in my short time being awake again that scientists in any century have to wrestle with morality in the pursuit of knowledge.  
There's talk amongst the learned in both the Empire and the Federation that we committed genocide all those years ago.  Maybe we deserve our current lot?

Tucking all that away behind the Captain's wall, I "obtained" the Guardian Blueprints and a ton of tech and Sentinal parts from Guardian space.  Thanks to them I'm now sporting an Expert combat rating  and I have 3 new fighter options.  I'm waiting till I get back to start working on the other tech broker requirements.  They're cutthroat about what they want. No wiggle room.  What a friggin' racket!

We're testing out the Javelin on this trip..   Squirrelly little thing. I've had it in one canyon already.  The pilot had a hard time docking it the first time she was in it. That said,  I was also working on a vertical planetary ascent while docking maneuver so that might have had something to do with it. I ended up taking the stick and guiding the Javelin in myself once Daria get her bearings in the Arrow again.  I'd like for this ship to work out but if I can't get my experienced pilot to fly it properly, I'll trade the bastard when we get home.

Speaking of Thargoids, they have been all over the first half of the run to NGC 1333.  I've been avoiding them, and they have been kind enough to leave me alone so far.  I've heard they like to immediately attack ships that are hot with Guardian tech. That's also why the Javelin is in the bay.  Even with weaker armament, I can still fry most pilots myself so it's more an insurance piece than a crutch.  

Lots of life too!  My xenobiology studies in the codex paid off!  Hip 17498 A 10 F had 5 Bio sites  -L anemonies and a codex entry for me!  c50,000 isn't too bad either.

Synuefai Wy-V C4-2 C 1 and  C2-C4  have bio signs.  I've not had a chance to get to these but they're not too far from Stargazer to get to in a smaller ship.  

HIP 15710  2 c   2a  3a 3b 4b 4a  have bark mounds, bark mounds,  and more bark mounds.  I beginning to think this species might rival us for total galactic population!  I found a strange anomaly on one of the moons too. Somehow a bark mound got itself suspended  up about 2k. Ran the Arrow right into it trying to get a low-altitude ship-based Composition scan..  Glad I brought shields! I took shots with the ship's camera for debrief when I return.  Damnedest thing I ever saw...It's too early for space sickness and Dav saw it too.  Space is a wonder every day!  

Finally, I made it to 2MASS J03291977+3124572 facing NGC1333 and the end of the first short leg of this journey.  What a name for a system!  

Bodies  A 4 a, A 4 b, A 4 c, A 4 d, A5 a, A 6 a,  BC 1,  2, and  3 ALL have life according to the FSS.  I'll be spending some time to look at those sites for entries to add to my codex.

The planets and moons all have a purple tint to them.  I'm hoping this means I'll be finding some unique species here in this system.

The place is also a miner's dream.  Might be a good place to come for resource farming too if I'm out By the California Nebula.

The best part of all....There's a STATION here!  Ring Mine. Great, original name! It sits Inside the ring of one of said Gas Giants.   I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it on the scanner.  I saw 10,000 people on the galactic map and thought a platform maybe, but a full on Stargazer-like Asteroid Port?  I pulled the Arrow right in for refuel and restock. Think I'll hang out here for a bit and set out about exploring this region.  Today was just weird. Glad there's some humanity here to help process it all. Not that I've ever been that fond of humanity...It's just...familiar.
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