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Vincent Serra / 18 Jun 3305
The Honour System

So: Status & Honour...

Status I have - service with the Imperial Navy has seen to that: I am a Duke. That part's in the bag.

Honour's trickier. It's all about holding your morals as sacrosanct. It's being ethically minded (or at least appearing to be). It's the strength of your word: promises you make and keep; loyalty to friends and allies. It's being known as an honourable guy.

So - how do I go about faking that?

I reckon I can find some lesser nobles who are short of a bob or two to spread the gospel for a few coins. There are always a few whose impeccable breeding limits their capacity for shrewd financial investment. That should get my name out there at least.

Nobles are judged on how they treat their Imperial Slaves. Sounds good. I know there are a few currently going cheap in Eotienses. I'll get them to do a few odd jobs around the place and send them home to increase my "moral standing".

For hearts and minds I can hire some local pilots to take a few shipments of medicines to famine-hit stations in one of my ships. As long as noone knows who's flying them (and the crew can be trusted to keep their traps shut), I should get a bump without even trying. Plus running vaccines can usually turn quite a profit.

Then there's the alien menace... A few trips out to hunt Thargoid scouts always provides a boost to my standing with the Pilot's Association - plus, while limping a Clipper through the nearest mailslot covered in Thargoid gunk isn't exactly lucrative, it makes me look like a saviour of Humanity to the locals.

Now - how to give the appearance I've been keeping my promises (and cover up the fact that sometimes I don't)...

Hmmm. Maybe I'll go and find a minor (but well-connected) faction and go do some jobs for them. Or perhaps find a well-connected passenger or two who wants to see the (nearby) sights... I'll see what I can find. Something usually pops up.
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