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Jonny_saturn / 19 Jun 3305
Making Hay

How much money is enough?

I have been mining for over two weeks now on and off, boosting my funds. But now I feel I have more than enough cash to buy a few ships and upgrades - I should be sorted for a while. But its hard to stop tapping into something so profitable - just one more run, just one more run...

Its always been the way, we humans find it hard to become financially satisfied, even when we have much more money that we really need. We can spend most of our life toiling away, only to live out a few years in retirement with more money than we can ever spend, regretting that we didn't use some more of it for adventuring, righteous battles with pirates or other good works. This will be my last run though. Its time to get myself back into the fray and start doing my bit to clean up the galaxy of scumbags once again!
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CMDR Jonny_saturn
Scientist / Bounty hunter
10 Dec 3305
Cyclops battle
09 Dec 3305
Ongoing cyclops encounters
27 Nov 3305
Encounter with Thargoid scouts
13 Nov 3305
12 Nov 3305
Fine dining
23 Oct 3305
Peduncles everywhere
17 Oct 3305
Radiance of a thousand stars
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