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Korzhakov / 19 Jun 3305
Just run ragged

Consciousness returns slowly, I am aware of it, it's dark, really dark, no light whatever. I feel somewhat confined. It takes a few more seconds to get my situational awareness back. I pull the blanket off of my head and sit up in my bed. I'm at a terrestrial station somewhere, but not exactly sure where.

I was running trade runs until I was so tired I just put the Python in the hangar, walked to my quarters and fell asleep.

I make my way to the galley and grab some coffee, sit down at the terminal and figure out where I am. It was a long night of cargo runs. But I've proven myself reliable and the factions are willing to pay hansomly for that reputation. But they keep me busy with these runs.

I had an interdiction attempt right as I was about to high wake to my destination. I tried to keep aligned for the jump, but that allowed him to pull me out of super cruise. Now I'm pissed, he attacks me only to find this python is an engineered combat ship. My twin grade 3 beam lasers tear away his shield in second and then I unleash the big grade 3 multi cannon and rip through his hull with a vengeance. It's why I named this one "Damaged Reputation" because it damages the pirates reputations, and their ships, and their lives. But don't try to take what isn't yours. It's a simple principle that's been around since mankind crawled out of the swamps back on earth. Sometimes the Wolf picks his meal only to find its the sheepdog that's ready to prey on the wolf.

I make my delivery, then the next, and I'm to tired to fly. I settle into the hangar and simply fall asleep quickly for the first time in the new ship.

I'm really impressed with this ships abilities, I'm really happy that I bought it.
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CMDR Korzhakov
Explorer / Rescuer
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Just run ragged
17 Jun 3305
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