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Jonny_saturn / 20 Jun 3305
System failure

I had a big set back last night. The last thing I remember was sitting close to a newly fractured rock, collecting low temperature diamonds in the Python, when everything just went dead on me.

Without any obvious reason, the screens went blank and the ship powered down. As I tried to re-boot the system, I must have collided with a nearby rock and somehow lost consciousness. The next thing I know, I am back at the nearest station in a bed with a splitting headache, being asked if I wanted to make an insurance claim. I don't know how long I was out for, or what happened exactly, but what I do know is that I lost my ship. I must have somehow got myself ejected in the escape pod, though I don't know if this was in error or as a result of my ship going down. Its all a bit of a blur.

At least the insurance costs are relatively minimal to buy back the python. But I was carrying over 150 tonnes of precious minerals in the hold, which was probably worth upwards of 150 million or more at the time of the systems failure. Unfortunately, I cant claim on that , or hope to see it again. It had taken me a fair few hours to mine and set me back on my plans by at least two days.

Its frustrating, but I'm glad to be alive. I have already set out to my more reliable mining spot and will endeavour to re-coup my losses as soon as I can. Maybe this time not parking up too close to large rotating rocks while collecting minerals...

I have heard of this type of thing happening from time to time, though its very rare in my experience. My main concern now is that it happens again while I'm out on a long distance trip thousands of light years from the bubble. Last thing I want is to have a failure out there in the Anaconda, adrift in deep space having lost millions worth of exploration data and all of the other discoveries that may come as part of the trip.
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