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Stareynolds / 20 Jun 3305
The scratched record

#Decryption and Restoration Unit - Dept. for Historical Archives - Ministry of Defence - U.G.A.#
#Item No. 326557 (unsorted batch): Damaged Voice Data Recorder (VDR) welded to ship bulkhead section (fastenings fractured)#
#Recovered: 3974-07-26-15:23:41 - Salvage site "B15", Spoihaae XE-X d2-9 A 1 (Hazardous) - Drone X576UV - no further wreckage reported#
#Engage interface....... power-up....... connected#
#Scan....... 1 excerpt found + embedded comms. data incl. image  - Time tag corrupt#
#Est. record date....... Approx. 3304-3305#
#Run + transcribe audio>txt/

-Archer, can you get the FSS to fracking scan automatically once we jump out of hyperspace?

-No commander, I think UC developed it as far as they could, so you have to control it manually.

-OK, can't you do that for me?

-No commander, that would be against our strict laws limiting machine sentience.

-Yes, but out here there is no Federation, Empire or Alliance, so can't you ignore the law?

-No commander, I was designed and purchased in Empire space. My programming subjects me to the applicable laws.

-<sound of ship disengaging from hyperspace jump> Well what about when I have flight assist on, or when we have a super cruise assist module fitted, you fly the ship more than I do then, don't you?

-No commander, I only assist you in your flight choices, I don't take any significant flight decisions, not even in an emergency....Fuel scooping.

-What, even when you enter into orbit for me?

-No commander, I only assist you in your flight choices, I don't take any significant flight decisions, not even in an emergency. Entering into orbit is implied by your chosen trajectory.

-For Guardian's sake, are you sure Archer?

-Commander, I only assist you in your flight choices, I don't take any significant flight decisions, not even in an emergency.
..Warning, temperature critical !

-I know, I know, I'm pulling up. This one's a big boy.

-Warning, temperature critical !

-You know, you don't have to act like a scratched record each time I do - or ask for - something that doesn't compute for you.

-What do you mean by "scratched record" please, Countess ? Warning, temperature critical !

-Please don't call me that. "Commander" will do just fine, or "Lucrezia".

-You did not address my question, Commander Lucrezia. Warning, temperature critical !

-It's Commander OR Lucrezia, Archer, NOT both please. I'm making a reference to old tech for listening to music printed on a rotating vinyl disk, with a diamond needle picking up the analogue sound. Sometimes the disk got scratched, and the diamond would jump back, repeatedly, to playing the passage of music right before the scratch - crack! - playing the passage of music right before the scratch - crack! - over and over again, see what I mean?

-Yes Lucrezia, how primitive.

-Well that particular tech had it's charm, so the legend goes. Anyway, basically, it's a metaphor for what you're doing, and for that matter, it's also a metaphor for our current flight path through the galaxy with our ship, rather fittingly, playing the part of the diamond, and since every jump is basically the same process of scan, scoop, frackin' overheat and charge... you get my drift? Now, can you fix this overheating problem please? We are overheating rather quickly, no?

-I'm not sure I do understand commander, but no, the Duke of Cambridge is a heavily engineered D-rated Diamondback and thus has a tendency to overheat, sorry.

-Archer, what do we have to un-engineer to fix the problem?

-Without losing significant jump range?

-Yes, of course!

-I only assist you in your choices, I don't take any significant decisions, not even in an emergency.

-<sound of deep sigh> Archer, are we out of this giant's magnetosphere yet?

-Heat levels at 65%, yes Commander.

-Engage next jump.

-Frame shift drive charging.

-Archer, please send the following transmission to the Admiral: I have commenced return to Jameson. Traveling via Galactic Core. DBX performance nominal. Before heading off to the Core proper, I'm jumping down the plane to see le Monde de la Mort. ETA Explorer's Anchorage: 2 days, ETA%%%%nrarta: 7%%%ys. Ple%ase%send%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% mis%%%%%%%%%%%%cting%%%%%%%%%%%dvised%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

/Data repair fail#
#Close file - Store audio + transcript + image#
-Contents: CMDR/AI-COVAS dialogue (segment)
-Embedded comms. data and its attached surviving footage features starship course:
-Colonia/Jaques>Stuemeae FG-Y d7561/Explorer's Anchorage, with Spoihaae XE-X d2-9 listed as next system jump
-Critical events reconstruction utility minimal: Post-expansion but predates THARG E.L.E.
-Supplementary: No evidence of CMDR contact with search subj. C. Lockhart; Note Admiral ref. is not search subj. A. Tanner; VDR holds an estimated 2 months of corrupt data pre-excerpt, and an estimated 2 hours post-excerpt#
#Archive analysis complete: Tag to file - Assign catalogue ref. - declassify#
#Recycle VDR unit and alloy plate: Relic value nil#
#Processed 3976-06-20 18:06:14#

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