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Scubadog / 21 Jun 3305
The Fickle World Of Mining...Colonia Or Elsewhere

So, I really need to replenish my bank account after spending so much to transfer two ships and a number of high-class, high-grade and engineered modules from the core systems to Colonia Dream.  SO much money.  Prior to may latest jaunt to the core systems, Void Opals and Low Temp Diamonds were easily the go-to minerals to mine for.  They fetched well over 1 million credits per tick and the nice thing about the Colonia bubble is that ringed systems abound and are a virtually untapped resource here.  But I soon discovered that prices have become significantly more unpredictable lately.  Void Opals dropped a couple of days ago down to only 300,000-ish and Low Temp Diamonds held the lead with not much more than 600,000 per tick.  Thankfully, last night I discovered that, while LTD's still held a lead over VOpals in the market, the overall market had grown a little.  LTD's, as of last night, were fetching 1.2 million per tick.  That's more like it!

After a couple of hours of mining my latest system, I headed over to a station that held the current highest price, cashed in, and headed home to Colonia Dream.  Just as I was cruising in I received a wave telling me that both the Imperial Courier I'd engineered back at Jameson Memorial had arrived and was being secured, along with the absolutely stock, bare bones Imperial Eagle I'd purchased on a whim.  I'm not sure why I did it or why I shipped it to Colonia Dream.  The darned thing rates lower than my little Sidewinder.  Oh, well.  What's done is done.

Today I'm doing some research on the few fancy agro stations that are here in Colonia.  Once I pick one, I'll be spending next week vacationing there...I just really need to completely detox before I get back at it.  I definitely looking forward to this, the more I think about it, but I also know that after about a week I'll be anxious be in the command seat again.
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