Logbook entry

Traegon / 14 Jun 3305
To Colonia and Beyond - Personal log - heading home, Day 1.

The return from Oevasy SG-Y d0 is certainly going more smoothly than expected.  So smooth, in fact, that  I was able to bum-rush a few thousand light years with few systems in them.  After averaging 25-30 objects per system all the way here, it was nice to make up a little time.  I don't expect it to last, so I'm also going to start limiting my detailed system scans to just those systems that look promising.  I'm sure I'll miss some good nuggets, but I'm finding the urge to return home to be so strong that I cannot continue much longer.  I'm starting to think Verity is a real person.

Next time I do this, I'll either hire a crew member to sit up here with me or get a companion willing to come along.  Ship to ship communication is all well and good right up until that ship leaves.

Verity: note to self for later review: Look into those portable biodomes I've read about for planetary deployment.  I might've enjoyed this more if I could've slept out under the stars on the surface once in a while instead of in the ship.  Maybe even grab my suit and take a stroll on the surface and feel something under my feet other than the cold hard steel of the ship.


Verity, reduce the mass of the ship by dumping half the fuel, plot me the straightest route back to Sagittarius A* possible and end log recording.
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