Logbook entry

Traegon / 17 Jun 3305
To Colonia and Beyond - Emergency Transmission - Day 4.

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

This is designation TR-14a, Commander Traegon broadcasting from system Praea Bre LM-B c27-3. My cargo hatch has blown, various systems have just gone offline, my frame-shift drive is damaged and my fuel scoop is inoperative. My AFMU has stopped functioning and I am attempting planetfall on an earth-like planet as what appears to be the second planet in the system. According to my inventory, I had plenty of resources for the repairs until the hatch blew, if only I can get the AFMU back online. I'm going to attempt a controlled landing. Ship-wide life-support systems are functioning normally at this point, at least in the key areas I need for repairs.

I will continue transmission of this message until a rescue ship arrives, or I manage a solution to effect repairs.
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