Logbook entry

Traegon / 20 Jun 3305
To Colonia and Beyond - Personal Log - Day 7.

It took some doing, but I was able to repair the transfer systems and synthesize the materials I needed to restock the AFMU.  They were a bit unorthodox, so I may not be able to use the automated systems to restock in flight.  As a result, I'm fully repairing all the systems I can while I'm down here, and restocking the AFMU before liftoff.  Hopefully, I can keep things topped off enough to get me closer to home.

I was correct that the mayday didn't transmit.  Long-Range communication systems are offline.  The heat damage did irreparable damage to them.  I'll need to dock and replace those systems.  Beyond that, all other systems are repaired enough to use, even if their integrity is low.  I'll bring what I can to 100%, top off the AFMU's materials, and get the heck off this rock.

Verity, let's go.  End Recording.
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