Logbook entry

Traegon / 22 Jun 3305
To Colonia and Beyond - Personal Log - Day 9.

Repairs complete, liftoff successful, but I don't think the gear will ever come down again.  What a racket they made when I retracted them.  Assuming I make it back to a dock, I may need to belly-land this thing.  I can't even imagine what the repairs will cost.

I've resumed my course straight to Sag A*, and all appears to be going well.  I'm only scanning and mapping the most interesting systems, and making a note of the ones I think people should come back to document.  I purged that data from my systems and documented them the old-fashioned way.  I've gotten my name on enough systems for now.  It's time to let a rookie get some glory, and I've got just the system for them to do it; all I need to do now is get home so I can give this list to them.

Verity, end log.
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