Logbook entry

Jkurittu / 23 Jun 3305
ENTRY 3305-25G - Broken record?

My first thought this morning was that I might have been too generous with myself with that wine last night when I saw the deep-space transmission from Commander Stareynolds on my display. After a couple strong coffees and a long cold shower her message still remained only partially decrypted and I can only guess what she was talking about. Something about a French mushroom of death. I must admit my knowledge of historical earth-based languages is a bit rusty these days. I guess she is not asking for restaurant recommendations at Anchorage.

If she reads this entry, she should remember her standing orders to report as soon as possible for combat duty, in a suitable ship of course, at the Bassford Hub in Beta Octantis where the number of wanted ships in that system has been increasing again.

After a successful evacuation run in a Thargoid damaged system this morning, I have relocated myself in Beta Octantis, waiting for my fellow Commander’s return and looking forward on taking our fair share on bounties.

I hope the broken record she uses for transmissions works better on her next transmission. Till then Commanders, fly safe. Unless you are wanted and you see me on your scanner. In that case be scared, very scared.

O7 Commanders
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