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Stareynolds / 24 Jun 3305
On route to Explorer's Anchorage from Colonia

Log entry 3305-26-A

At the docks of Jaques station, as my pre-flight checks were being carried out, I overheard a couple of pilots bragging about landing on the "Monde de la Mort", or World of Death, planet A 1 in the Spoihaae XE-X d2-9 system. I heard one of them say this scorching planet's orbit takes it around a White Dwarf at breakneck speed - inside of an hour - dropping, furthermore, in and out of the star's exclusion zone.

That certainly pricked my daredevil instinct, so I plotted my route to Explorer's Anchorage via this system. Ten 65Ly jumps straight down the galactic plane to get there, with the added bonus that, after visiting the Spoihaae XE-X d2-9 system, I would travel back up towards Explorer's Anchorage on a not so frequented route, so probably making more discoveries than plotting a direct route from Jaques.

I got lucky, I think. Upon arriving in the system, it wasn't clear to me how far through it's orbit the World of Death was, and I didn't want to wait and study the question. The planet certainly wasn't aligned to one of the star's jet cones, so that was good enough for me, and I just approached cautiously, finger on the trigger of the heat sink, at a relatively shallow angle, pulling back on the throttle to descend nice and easy into a perfect glide, vertical thrusters on max on completing the glide to avert any crash. The landing went perfectly. I had made it. I didn't even come close to overheating, for once.

I took a short spin in the SRV, picked up some samples, mostly ferrite-related and decided not to hang about as I could see the dwarf rising over the horizon quite fast. I had no idea what my window was before probably burning up, so I made a hasty take-off. Too hasty ! I span the ship around towards the heavens while boosting, forgetting the 1.3G gravity, and clipped the tail. Archer, my COVAS, was quick to blurt out:

-Commander, a one square meter aft section of bulkhead has just come loose and I'm no longer getting any reading whatsoever from the Voice Data Recorder (VDR) , so I assume that it is either broken beyond repair or has, quite possibly, fallen off entirely.  

-Archer, is the ship still flyable or do I need to deploy a repair limpet?

-The ship is still perfectly flyable Commander, and the Flight Data Recorder is still operational, but you may wish to seal up the hull properly before jumping on to Explorer's Anchorage... Damage report now indicates that nothing can be done to save the VDR, so this conversation - and any we've had since you purchased this ship - are, I fear, lost.

-You mean no one will ever hear any of our thrilling exchanges?

-No commander, I only assist you in your decisions,  I do not make for interesting conversation.

-Archer, remind me to explain the concept of irony along the way, will you?

-Yes commander.

And so, on I jumped to Explorer's Anchorage.

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