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Clacies / 24 Jun 3305
Under Siege

Log entry numero uno, here we go.

I don't keep it a secret that pirates don't like me, I've hunted hundreds of them. Not to make the galaxy a better place or anything although that is a nice bonus I guess, but the pay just seemed good. Only, over time the pirates stepped up their game so I thought it best I caught up. A while back I came into possession of a personal Fed. Corvette, the Ominous Citadel. It's a good ship, can clean a system of pirates and make any survivors second guess their career path, but I needed something... more. So I had a fuel scoop fitted along with its usual loadout and dove into the black to visit some old friends.

First was my old pal, Felicity Farseer: engineer, explorer, and just about the only one I know who could get my nearly two-thousand-ton flying brick to jump further. So to the Deciat system I went.

Once I arrived in the Deciat system I adjusted heading for Farseer's workshop, only to notice a couple of other commanders hanging around the planet it happened to be on. It wasn't too unexpected, after all explorers frequent Farseer for her fsd upgrades, but then I noticed a particular name flying a particular ship: An Imperial Cutter being piloted by a commander Viola Orison... I know that name and I know that ship... on my last visit to Deciat they interdicted and attacked me without any indication or asking for cargo. They aren't pirates, and my ship lacks a bounty on it so they aren't bounty hunters... which makes them something much worse than pirates: Killers. And this particular killer had a couple of buddies with 'em this time. Now, I'm not stupid. As soon as I saw their little posse, I picked a random system and prepared to get out of there, but it was too late by then.

One of them began an interdiction, my fsd was charging but it wasn't ready and alignment would have been trouble so I did what any pilot would have done, I submitted... and then all hell came with me.

I saw only two ships in supercruise, and two ships immediately jumped in and opened fire. 1:30 seconds to security response "tch, typical cops," I'd be floating through the void before they showed up, and that's when several more commanders showed up, for a moment I thought they might be here to save me... I was wrong. I've never had so many commanders wanting me dead for reasons I wasn't aware of and I've never had my shields put to the test like that before, good thing I already visited the engineer Lei Cheung for my shielding.

For maybe a full minute my fsd was struggling, attempting to cooldown and recharge while a Cutter, Mamba, and various other killers peppered my shields. I did everything I could do to increase my chances: outrunning them was not happening in this thing, especially not with the cutter and mamba, so all the power I could spare was directed to shields. Nothing into weapons, staying to fight would be throwing my life away. I blew my heatsinks to mess their target locks (if only briefly) and tried to fly evasively (as well as you can in a flying brick) and waited... and waited... and waited... for what seemed like what may have been my final moments... but I was lucky, these killers relied on brute strength to take their targets down. None of them had reverb torpedoes or weapons to disrupt fsd's and my ship lives up to its namesake. Being at over 5000 shields, my Ominous Citadel can take a heap of punishment, and it did.

Their assault brought my shields within fifteen percent before I managed to jump to a random nearby system to reassess my situation, my ship fared far better than my heart rate that's for sure. I made sure to jump randomly a second time just in case one of those several killers happened to have a wake scanner on them before I made the journey home to Shinrarta Dezhra and Jameson memorial, sincerely hoping that another group of killers wasn't waiting for me outside my home station as that tends to happen quite a lot nowadays.

At the very least my citadel is no stranger to being under siege.
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CMDR Clacies
02 Jul 3305
24 Jun 3305
Under Siege
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