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Jonny_saturn / 25 Jun 3305

I had overheard a couple of engineers a few weeks back talking about a wreckage site somewhere in the Pleiades sector. I was able to jot down some rough co-ordinates, which after a bit of further research, led me to a more exact position. Needing to do a little engineering soon, I was keen on visiting this site to see if I could find some rare components.

I eventually got around to taking DBX `Rock Lobster` out on a little trip to visit this location last night. The journey there was smooth and quicker than expected. But when I arrived at the moon with the supposed crash site, I realised I had not bought the surface scanner with me to help find the site. No matter, I was able to find it the manual way, using the compass and log/latitude readings. I eventually arrived above the co-ordinates and started to make my descent into the eerie darkness of the moons unlit side.

My scanners picked up a large mound on an otherwise flat plain. With night vision on I slowly scanned around, until I began to see what looked like wreckage scattered across one side of the steep mound. And then I saw a wrecked ship, half buried. I saw another - an Anaconda also half buried in the soil, with parts of it strewn down towards the base of the mound. There was also Thargoid structure further up the mound - maybe a Thargoid interceptor. It was hard to see though and it was broken up quite a bit.

I tried to land the DBX on top of the large mound, but I was unable to find a suitable spot up there, so decide to land at the base of the mound to deploy the rover. I needed to have night vision on to see anything beyond headlight range. I scooted around, but apart from some dropped canisters of beer, fish and the like from the Anaconda, I did'nt see any alien artefacts.

It took me an hour or so of driving around until I happened upon some strange Thargoid items that seem to have rolled down from the wreckage further up the mound. I collected a few, knowing that I was now in the right place, but it was starting to get late. I decided to camp down for the night, recline the seat and divert heat into the cockpit from the cooling FSD and thruster system.

I did'nt sleep well though. I woke up and just couldn't get back into a deep sleep - some eerie noise somehow was making its way into the cockpit. The ship sensors would occasionally flicker. It felt as though I was being watched, despite no signs of life earlier. But I was too tired to leave the surface and did'nt to spend more precious time in the morning trying to find the same location again.

As I awoke, the surrounding landscape was still wrapped in darkness. I managed to find a few more artefacts from the crash site, called in the rover and was glad to leave the surface for more familiar surroundings.
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CMDR Jonny_saturn
Scientist / Bounty hunter
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