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[deleted105814] / 29 Jun 3305
An eye opening interdiction

I am running cargo all over the Colonia area, my Python is proving to be the ideal ship for this. I get interdiction attempts much more than I would like and I choose to evade them most of the time, but occasionally, I get fed up and I submit and in no subtle way, I let the pirate know that this is a combat engineered python.

I don't mind dispatching pirates but it does slow down my delivery schedule.

I find myself enroute to Jaques for a large payout load when I get interdicted and I decide that this pirate needs to be made an example out of.

I throttle back and submit to the interdiction, of course, deploying my hardpoints and all pips to weapons upon dropping into normal space. The target appears behind me, but is well above me, I start my turn towards the target and find that I am out turning the target quite handily, this isn't a good sign, the target pulls up and tries to not let me get a firing solution on them, when I finally catch sight of them it's just the back underside of the ship and it's at this point that I realize I am up against an Imperial clipper! That is one big ship but I am not deterred. Punch into it's shields with my twin big beam lasers, shields are taking a lot of damage, but imperial ships have lots of shields. Inevitably we end up doing a few head to head passes and I finally remove the shields from the big ship, I go to work on the hull, I 'm doing fairly well staying out of his firing arc except for his two turret mounted small lasers, so at least I know they are still fighting. I hear another ship jump in, I am hopeful that it is the system authority here to assist, but it stays yellow, no assistance. I finish off the clipper with both the big lasers and the large multi cannon.

Thankful that I completed that lesson in anti piracy and didn't loose my shields, when suddenly I get the under attack alert, the other ship has started firing on me. My shields are low, really low, two of my hardpoints are taken up with mining equipment and my good shield generator, hull reinforcements, and shield boosters are all in storage so that I can try out mining.

The federal assault ship isn't a difficult target for me in most instances, but he gets the shot on me first and takes my shields down. I get my nose pointed towards him and drop his shields quickly, but his runs are doing damage to my ship each pass. I hear the sickening sound of my canopy cracking. I can't out turn the assault ship, so best I can do is trade gun runs with him and hope I can do more damage that he can.

He gets my hull down to 82% before I leave him as a smoking pile of scrap metal and materials in open space. I salvage the good materials from his wreckage and then head off to Jaques. I drop off my cargo and have the ship repaired while I go have lunch with the wife.

I tell her what happened and how I plan to reconfigure the python this evening when getting back home to Tir. The good shields, the boosters, the hull and module reinforcements and the weapons are going back on "Damaged Reputation" while still keeping the 192 tonne cargo capacity she has right now.

I plan on running more cargo than mining, so when I want to go split rocks, I'll reconfigure, but for running cargo in some of these hazardous environments. I'll stick to the more combat capable outfitting of my ship.
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CMDR [deleted105814]
Explorer / Rescuer
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