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Korzhakov / 01 Jul 3305
Interdiction, then and now.

After re-configuring the python "Damaged Reputation" I get interdicted in Ogmar by an anaconda. I submit and he attacks me from behind like the pirates always do. I deploy the weapons and turn into the big ship. hitting it with the big lasers and watching it's shields quickly melt away. She fires on me a few more times, but I do a decent job of keeping her back to me.

It takes a few good sessions of lasers on shields before the big snake is left without her cocoon of energy, I open up with the multi cannons and start working the hull down, she boots away and gets a good turn in and takes me head to head, I down thrust to try and get behind her again. she has lost most of  her hull, she takes my shields down and then boosts again and starts a jump,  her hull down to just 1% I engage her with everything I have but she is gaining space on me, my shots must have taken out the FSD because now she is just running but can't jump. I go full pips to engines and boost repeatedly to get her back in weapons range. After what seemed like forever but was probably less than a minute, all weapons go yellow and I am within range, I boost again to get within 1.4 km of the target, I switch all power to weapons and hit the big beam lasers, what little shields she had generated were gone in seconds. All weapons open and that last little bit of hull is gone, she explodes at full speed scattering materials over a large area.

I understand the gravity of punching so far above my weight. Thankfully no additional ships this time. I left with full hull and shields come back to full strength. I get interdicted again, feeling pretty confident I submit to find myself facing another anaconda, the battle goes fairly quickly thru the big ships shields, but a federal gunship drops in to help the mighty conda. I have both attacking at once, I have worked through most the big one's hull and the gunship is already engaging me. My shield cell bank helps me keep the protective barrier from going down. I get the anaconda in a bad situation, but the combination of the two has taken my shields down now and I can't engage both at once so I finish off the conda and then go to work on the gunship. It doesn't take long to bring that smaller ship down, but it was still several head to head passes and she had done significant damage to my hull.

I scoop up her high value materials and then limp into the station, my cargo still in place, my shields regenerated, but the hull needing some serious work.

I drop off my cargo and plot the route home, just one quick jump. a short run in super cruise and then I am in my home hangar with my trusted maintainers patching up the might python so that she will be good as new for my work tomorrow.

I head down to my place, greet the wife and grandson and am thankful to have made it home once more.
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