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Ta1onn / 01 Jul 3305
Catching up

Last I left off at the start of my long-ish trip into space.

Things went really well for about most of my trip out, but then as I was jumping, I decided to take a few photos, so I just coasted in supercruise through one system. As I was taking pictures, my ship got stuck. I don't know how else to describe it. I couldn't safely drop from supercruise, and I couldn't make a jump out of the system. I tried replotting my route, but the FSD wouldn't engage or even warm up, so I buckled up, and emergency dropped at min supercruise speed. This sent my poor ship spinning (along with my stomach), killed my shields, ate about 20% of my hull, and did pretty significant damage to my systems. Luckily, I brought an AFMU (which I'd never used until now, it still had that new smell). Using it was pretty easy though (but time consuming), and I managed to repair everything except my power plant.

After that, I finally made it to my Omega Sector destination. I dropped in to my destination, and found my very first asteroid base. I didn't even know how to dock. I thought the surface features were landing pads, and the square in the middle was some kind of structure or building. Nope, finally, I followed my target, and found out I was supposed to fly INTO the asteroid. Once inside, wow, what a view. After my earlier mishap, I decided that just in case I made more mistakes, I'd better sell my exploration data (which was probably a mistake, but oh well), and then headed off to the nearby nebula.

A couple jumps later, I was there, in the heart of the nebula and it was... boring. They look so cool from the outside, but from the inside, it just looks extra dark. So, slightly disappointed, I headed back home to Palin (actually, near Palin, I needed "sensor fragments" whatever that is).

Luckily, I found out there were some SFs nearby, and headed over there to pick up my 25 units of them. There is a crashed Thargoid ship there, and you can still hear it scanning regularly. I jumped into my SRV and began looking. There were a bunch of canisters of normal cargo, but no sensors until I started climbing the mountain. Finally, up near the Thargoid ship there were some sensors, but when I picked one up, I began taking caustic damage. I decided to double time it down the mountain to drop the cargo and see what the deal was. Come to find out, you are supposed to blow it open and grab it's contents. That was much more like it. After a few more minutes of gathering, I was ready.

I headed over to Palin, traded my cargo to unlock, then traded the second half of my exploration data to rank him up as much as possible. From there, I needed some engine upgrades, so I worked on that (visiting a couple of material traders to make it happen) until I got to max rank with him. One more down, yay!

Next, my friend had told me about a particularly hot mining spot, so I decided to finish off my Elite rank for trader. I headed out with him, and picked up about 150 million in an hour, repeated that a few times until I heard the magical comms chime. I've finally made elite and was issued my permit to The Founders World in Shinrarta Dezhra.

Of course, I had to use my permit immediately, so I traded Bridger for Ranger, and made my way to Jameson Memorial. The whole experience was a bit surreal until I looked in the shipyard and the outfitting. they. have. EVERYTHING!!!

I've been planning on getting an Anaconda for a while, and decided that my next step is combat, and I'd better have a good combat ship, so bought and started outfitting an Anaconda. There is still tons of parts to buy and engineering to do, but it's a start and I feel like a kid in a candy shop, just looking at all the potential power there.

More soon,
-CMDR ta1onn
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