Logbook entry

Scubadog / 02 Jul 3305
Sometimes, you just give in to impulse...

So, file this under the "why not" category of purchases.  Some more ships recently became available in the Colonia region (and in only one system, to boot!), and for some damn reason I felt compelled to expand my fleet again.  So, with the availability of the Type 10 Defender, the Federation Dropship, Assault Ship and Gunship, I gave in to the draw to pick up the FAS.  For no apparent reason, other than I could.  So, now The Ceti Rebane--CFX014--has found a home next to my other ships.

I gotta say, this thing is pretty damned agile.  Nothing really remarkable about the interior--it's pretty utilitarian, as is typical of the Fed ships.  I think I'll slot her as an alternate combat ship, but my biggest challenge is that there are not class 6 Power Plants with a A-rating.  Even with a 5A Power Planet engineered, my combination of engineered Beam, Multi-cannons and Frag-cannons easily throw me way over the max power use.  I may have to bite the bullet and try a 6B (Oh, the mass!!!!) engineered to see if I can handle all I'm drawing on this thing.  Man, I hate B-rating anything.
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